Celebrating Parents’ Day with the Best Anime Parent

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Parenting is one of the most difficult and exhausting jobs. Parents make sacrifices every day for their children, and the lessons they teach their children is priceless. This is especially true for anime, which allows parents to be heroic in all circumstances. Raising children is an important skill, regardless of whether the world they live in is full of danger, illness, or man-eating giants. As well as modern anime, classic anime portrays parents as being the most compassionate and patient of all.

Raising a child can be difficult. But these nine parents and their parental figures do more than their jobs as mothers or fathers to ensure the well-being of their children.


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Inko Midoriya in My Hero Academia (2016-Present)

When 80% of the population is blessed by superpowers, her little boy Izuku (Daiki YamashitaIf Inko ends up with no money, the world becomes far more frightening for him (Aya Kawakami). Thought My Hero Academia It is an exciting, colourful, and adventurous story. However, there are times of real fear and Inko often suffers the brunt.

Following her guilt for not supporting her son’s dream of becoming a superhero even when he has no powers, Inko supports him wholeheartedly when he miraculously acquires a quirk and gets into the most prestigious hero school in the country. Even when she has to put her foot down for Izuku’s safety, she does so while explaining clearly why. She is there to share his triumphs and sorrows every step of her journey. This begs the question: who’s the real superhero?

Trisha is a patient and understanding person with seemingly no limits.Yoshino TakamoriEdward (and his son, ) are both incredibly intelligent.Romi ParkAlphonse and ).Rie Kugimiya), and lovingly awaits the return of her absent husband, Hohenheim (Unshō Ishizuka).

She is a strong leader and takes on extra responsibility. In fact, she encourages her sons’ interests and dreams every step of the way; that sort of love is the kind that can only be accepted and returned. While she isn’t present in the lives of Edward and Alphonse as they grow up, she set their hearts and minds on the right path, and her memory continues to show them tremendous support and love.

Ryoji “Ranka” Fujioka in Ouron High School Host Club (2006)

The Fujioka Family has been through a lot, especially Ryoji (especially when they were in the midst of financial hardship)Takehito KoyasuHaruhi was born to a single-father, ).Maaya SakamotoHis wife died in December 2007. Having to work long hours is a particularly heavy burden when all he wants to do is go to Parent’s Day at Haruhi’s school.

Haruhi learns a lot from Ryoji, even though she is more independent when she’s at home. Ryoji never fit into the traditional gender norms of society and doesn’t mind standing out; as a result, Haruhi isn’t confined to dressing or behaving stereotypically girlish and tends to be more laid back about gender. Despite their hardships, Ryoji’s determination to raise his child and his open personality allowed Haruhi to grow up caring about what’s most important.

Akio and Sanae Furukawa are in Clannad and Clannad After Story (2007)-2009

Akio is widely considered to be one of the greatest parents in anime history.Ryōtarō Okiayu) and Sanae (Kikuko InoueThey are able to have a happy and enjoyable relationship with Nagisa (Mai NakaharaThey also share a wonderful chemistry. They are both known to be excited children and can be friends with their daughter.

Although Akio, Sanae had their own plans for their careers, they made a change for Nagisa who was suffering from medical problems since the beginning. Their love for Nagisa, and by extension her friends, is a whole-hearted, ecstatic love that’s impossible to miss. Their strength and their unwavering love are what keep them moving forward in tough times.

Artur and Lisa Braus in Attack on Titan (2013)-Present

Their roles in the organization are not clear. Attack on TitanArtur (artur.wikipedia.org) says that there is very little to the story.Hiroshi NakaLisa (Junko ItwaoIn a world in which humanity is on the brink, ) are an important strength. Sasha (Yū KobayashiA soldier in the Scouts regiment (Artur), can sometimes be selfish, especially with her food, and slow to forgive those who have wronged. Artur is able to overcome her stubbornness and explain to her that if humanity ever wants to succeed, they must all rely on one another. Sasha learns this lesson from Artur and it makes her stronger.

Artur and Lisa are both dedicated parents, even to those who aren’t their children. They are not only simple hunters but they are generous, kind, and willing to learn from their mistakes. Even without words, their actions speak to their strongly-held belief that children “need to be kept out of the forest.”

Sachiko Fujinuma, Erased (2016)

Sachiko is horrified to be a mother in a place where children disappear.Minami Takayama), who never really stops thinking about the trail of victims left by a cold-hearted killer. Sachiko, who is determined to find the truth, will risk her safety in order to protect her son Satoru.Shinnosuke Mitsushima() and his classmates.

Sachiko is strong-willed and empathic, and she can always see the thoughts of her son. She may not look like it, but she can also be ridiculously patient when it comes to Saturo, and she is willing to dedicate enormous amounts of time to him, even when he doesn’t know it.

Thors Snorresson (2019-Present),

In Viking times, it is important to encourage strength and endurance. But, so is the establishment wisdom, patience and courage. All of these are qualities that Thors (the god of thunder) values.Kenichiro Matsuda) possesses in droves and attempts to teach his son, Thorfinn (Yuto Uemura).

Being an absolute beast of a man doesn’t mean he has no place for kindness, and his dedication to making sure his son is not just strong but wise is a priority. And when it comes to the protection of his people and of Thorfinn, his almost superhuman strength and endurance proves that he’s earned the title “Troll of Jom.” His influence remains with Thorfinn, and his memory impacts every action his son takes.

Jukai in Dororo (2019)

You don’t have to be related by blood to be a good parent – and you don’t have to be perfect either. Jukai (Akio Ōtsuka) is a man with many regrets, having used his craftsmanship talents for the purpose of causing suffering during the war. Now using his skills to make prosthetics for fallen warriors, Jukai’s guilt and attempts at atonement lead him to find Hyakkimaru (Hiroki SuzukiAs a baby.

Coming from a family that cast him out, Hyakkimaru was brutally torn apart by his biological father’s deal with demons, and his biological mother was unable to save him. Jukai found Hyakkimaru. He was able not only to rebuild his body but also gave him a loving, caring parental figure.

Maes (Keiji FujiwaraIt is a (if not the) most frequently forgotten of (if not TheHe is one of the best dads in anime and also the most loving husbands. He shows his friends, coworkers and anyone else who will listen a picture of his wife Gracia (at any and all times).Tomoe Hanba) and daughter Elicia (Misato Fukuen). His enthusiasm when interacting with his daughter and his fierce protection of her make him both annoying and endearing to all who hear about his family.

Though not as vocal as her husband, Gracia is the steadfast and quiet parent, and she balances Maes’ overwhelming excitement nicely. She offers her support and love even when she is in the most difficult of situations. This father-mother pair creates a loving atmosphere for Gracia. They also give her the tools she needs in order to be as positive and kind as their children.

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