Chainsaw Man is being overrated ahead of the Anime

Chainsaw Man Is Being Overrated Ahead of the Anime

No matter what corner or the anime community you find yourself in, chances are you’ve heard that a Chainsaw ManIt is coming. Since its announcement in 2020, the series has been widely anticipated. However, with so much focus now on it, Is there a chance that Chainsaw ManAre anime releases being grossly overrated?

What is Chainsaw Man, exactly?

Tatsuki Fujimoto | Shueisha

For those that don’t know, Chainsaw ManThis anime is based upon the manga series of same name by Tatsuki Fumoto.

The series depicts a world in which devils are terrorizing humans over certain ideas or things. Denji, a young homeless boy, has made friends with Pochita the small chainsaw devil.

Initially, Denji is employed by Yakuza to pay off his dead father’s debts. However, when he’s double-crossed and left for dead, Pochita offers Denji his heart to bring him back to life as Chainsaw Man.

After getting revenge on the Yakuza, Denji is found by Makima, leader of the government’s Devil Hunters. She offers him a choice – join her ranks or get killed.

The Chainsaw ManThe first manga publication was in 2018. Part 1 concluded just before the anime announcement in 2020. Part 2 of Chainsaw ManIn July 2022, the first meeting was held.

Chainsaw Man: Is it overhyped?

Chainsaw Man has become one of the most heavily-promoted anime of the last year, and there’s a big risk now that it will become overhyped.

Chainsaw Man’sThe first teaser trailer was published in June 2013. The 1 minute clip has been viewed 14.5million times, making it easily the most viewed video on the MAPPA YouTube channel.

The second most popular video is, however, by comparison. Chainsaw Man’sSecond teaser trailer has only 5,000,000 views. Jujutsu Kaisen’sThe 4th ranked trailer has amassed just 3.2 millions.

Chainsaw Man’s early teaser promotion made sense – after all, this anime is very much studio MAPPA’s darling, with a lot of time and money put into its creation. However, the hype train is now being overtaken and replaced by many other media outlets.

Crunchyroll stated that they were streaming Chainsaw ManIn May of this year, they acquired the rights to Jujutsu Kaisen much earlier than usual. Crunchyroll confirmed that it had Jujutsu Kaisen streaming just two months prior to its scheduled air date.

Crunchyroll’s rights acquisition has led to a new wave of promotions and teasers. Fans were disappointed by a recently announced teaser. Chainsaw Man panel at Anime Expo didn’t deliver any meaningful new information for fans.

Constant teasing or promotion can pose a serious risk to the safety of children. Chainsaw Man – which, at the time of writing doesn’t even have a confirmed release date – not only oversells the anime but also gives people the wrong expectations around the series as a whole.

Chainsaw ManIt is, at its core, a rebellious series. You could say that it is the flagbearer for a new generation in not-so serious shounen manga. DandadanAnd Sakamoto Days.

Chainsaw ManIt is not meant to be the next Attack on TitanOr Jujutsu KaisenBoth excellent blockbusters are equally as serious as the. Part of Chainsaw Man’s appeal is its comedic and wacky elements, but new fans wouldn’t know that looking at the posters and visuals released so far.

This is a good visualization of the Anime News Network forum announcement for 2020. You can see that this is a unique and interesting series, but there’s not much expectation of it being anything more than it is.

Chainsaw Man is so popular

While Chainsaw ManYou can see why people are so excited about it almost certainly being hyped up.

Many long-term manga enthusiasts see, as we have already mentioned. Chainsaw ManIt is an action-shounen series that breaks all the rules. It is written as a passion-project, with an incredibly fast pace and characters that are not to be trusted.

It was a bit unpredictable and took some time to build the fanbase that we have today. The series was first published in 2018 but didn’t win any awards until 2021. This is a comparison to Spy x FamilyIt won awards the very first year it was published.

There are many of Chainsaw Man’sThe series’ later episodes are where the story gets darker and more interesting. This is when it has found its greatest success. Fujimoto is a master at balancing quirky stories with personal tragedy. Few creators can match his talent once the series has reached that point.

Tatsuki Fujimoto was granted his first break by Fire Punch, a story that is extremely violent and has dark themes. Chainsaw ManThis is his mainstream sequel with a more appealing plot, but the penchant for brutal tragedy is still evident.

Chainsaw Man is being overrated in comparison to the anime

Fujimoto’s stories touch a nerve, perhaps more than he intended. He speaks out about not showing his face because he is afraid of his life, and why he prefers short stories to long manga. Chainsaw Man.

These are essential points to know for anyone who is preparing to go to the movies. Chainsaw ManThis is the first time. This won’t be the ‘next big thing’ like Attack on Titan, Demon SlayerOr Jujutsu KaisenIt was not intended to be this way from the beginning.

Many people won’t get along with this series due to skewed expectations. You can still enjoy the gore and tragedy if you don’t take it too seriously. Chainsaw ManThis is one heck of a ride.

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