Chainsaw Man Part 2 is Taking a Vacation This August

Chainsaw Man Part 2 Is Taking a Break This August

After the recent publication of Chapter 102, it was revealed that Part 2: Chainsaw ManIs August the right month to take a vacation. This means that the next chapter of the story will be available in approximately two weeks.

Jump+ and Manga Plus announced the week-long vacation, which was also shared on official social media. Chainsaw Man Twitter account.

The announcement states that the next chapter will be released on August 17th, 2022 at midnight JST (August 16th at 11 AM ET/ 8 AM PST). Given that the first three chapters were published weekly, this is one week late for its release.

Some speculation has been made about Part 2’s release date, given the delay in chapter 103’s publication. Some people have suggestedThe manga will be updated bi-weekly.

The reason for this is creator Tatsuki Fujimoto’s wording regarding the break. Fujimoto stated that the “next chapters” would be published. [will] be published in 2 weeks” and he didn’t say that this is a one-time break.

Whatever the case may be, we’ll just have to wait and see if the title will adopt a new schedule or if this is just a quick break.

Part 2: Chainsaw Man is a continuation of Fujimoto’s hit manga, and it began with the release of Chapter 98 last month.

Given the hype for the series’ return, Chapter 98 got over 3 million views in less than a day, and it trended online on Twitter as well.

Due to the manga’s popularity, a Chainsaw Man Studio MAPPA has announced that anime is now in production. The anime is expected to release sometime this year, though there’s no final release date yet.

MAPPA has released a key visual to the series recently and revealed the upcoming release a new trailer.

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