Chainsaw Man Producer reveals how Denji avoids Shonen Jump’s Tropes

Chainsaw Man Producer Reveals How Denji Avoids Shonen Jump's Tropes

Chainsaw ManThe anime is finally on the horizon, and it is expected to be the most anticipated in recent times. Tatsuki’s manga is a huge success on its own. The anime is being managed by a top-notch team from MAPPA Studio. ComicBook spoke with Makoto, a producer from the group. The executive also discussed how Denji isn’t typical of an anime character. Shonen Jump hero.

Kimura, who came to Los Angeles to promote Anime Expo, had a great conversation. Chainsaw Man. The producer talked with us about Denji’s role as protagonist and said that Shueisha has no comparable lead.

“The thing that attracted my attention to the title was something we’ve discussed a lot. Denji is a different kind of hero. There are usually three characteristics that heroes display when they have a Shonen Jump title: friendship, perseverance, and loyalty. Kimura said that it was very different here.

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“Denji isn’t something you would find in these titles. You even see him laughing like a villain. It’s just another perspective on what you see in a protagonist. It was really intriguing to me.

Have you read Chainsaw ManThen you’ll see Kimura’s analysis is correct. Denji is quite a different character than the ones you will find in shonen classics like One Piece and My Hero Academia. These characters’ rough upbringings and dark worldviews are unapologetically grim. If you look at manga, you’d expect to see someone like Denji in Attack on Titan and Berserk. Their focus on survival is what makes them so popular. Although Shonen Jump doesn’t have this minimalistic aesthetic, it gives Denji something to work with. MAPPA will soon bring this part of Denji to life for small screens. 

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