Chris Evans Was Considered For Pam & Tommy’s Talking Penis Scene

Chris Evans Was Considered For Pam & Tommy’s Talking Penis Scene

Sebastian Stan reveals that Pam & Tommy’s showrunners initially wanted Chris Evans to make a surprise cameo in the show’s all-baring scene.

Pam & Tommy creator Robert Siegel originally had the perfect actor in mind for its infamous talking penis scene: Chris Evans. Hulu’s limited series is a biographical drama about the tumultuous three-year marriage of Baywatch actress Pamela Anderson and Mötley Crüe drummer Tommy Lee in the ’90s. Lily James and Sebastian Stan played the titular roles and wowed both critics and audiences with their impressive transformation and gripping performances. The show premiered on February 2 and was recently nominated for 10 Emmy awards.

Pam & Tommy is Stan’s first project after his well-received stint in the MCU playing Bucky Barnes, Captain America’s former best friend who was later programmed to be a super assassin. Stan first played the role in 2016 with Captain America: The Winter Soldier starring alongside Evans. In succeeding films, such as Captain America: Civil War Avengers: Infinity War and Endgame. Stan also starred in the Disney+ series The Falcon the Winter Soldier, which chronicled his character’s adventures after Captain America retired his shield following the pivotal events of Endgame.


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Episode 2 Pam & Tommy featured a shocking and funny scene where Stan, in character, was seen standing fully naked and having a conversation with his penis. A recent interview with Awards Daily Stan revealed that the show’s creators initially suggested casting Evans for the controversial cameo. The actor, 39 years old, laughed at the idea and stated that he couldn’t ask Evans for his part. Captain America co-star to do it. Below is his statement.

“We didn’t know what we were getting at that time. I believe the men called me one time and asked me my opinion. Are you sure Chris Evans would do that with you? I was like, “I’m not calling Chris Evans, OK?” “I can’t ask him this.


The revealing Pam & Tommy scene depicted a confessional moment for Lee and his member as if it was a sentient organ. The rockstar wrote about this private incident in his memoir. Pam & Tommy It was deemed crucial by showrunners to be included in the series. The highly talked-about scene was made to be both bold and light-hearted by using a combination of an animatronic penis and CGI. After much thought about who should be in the cameo, John Wick 3 Jason Mantzoukas, actor, provided the voice for the role.

Stan did not reveal whether the Pam & Tommy Evans was reached out by the team. It is possible to imagine Evans’ reaction if he said yes. This would be a wonderful reunion of the actors. With the ever-expanding direction of the MCU, it is unlikely for Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes to be seen together again in one project. Stan and Evans will hopefully surprise. Captain America Fans with future collaborations.

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Source: Awards Daily

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