Code just got decided by Daemon

Boruto: Code Just Got Decimated - and That's Bad News for Konoha

The following contains spoilers for Chapter 71 of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, “Hindrance,” by Masashi Kishimoto, Mikio Ikemoto, Mari Morimoto and Snir Aharon, now available in English from Viz Media.

So far, the BorutoCode, a manga artist, has really struggled to accomplish his goal of razing this planet. Isshiki left him all his power, making Code a pseudo-Ōtsutsuki, but the teen has not been able to get a sacrifice — namely Kawaki or Boruto — to feed the Ten Tails. So he is unable to bring the God Tree back to life in order to take Earth’s chakra out, giving him the fruit that he would need to become god and go to another planet to eat it.

However, there have been some hints of progress. Amado the sinister scientist, who is a rogue scientist, recently removed his limitations under duress, allowing Code to gain full access to the alien’s strength. However, Code is not immune to the dangers of inadvertently BorutoChapter 71 was his latest mission. He was just as badly hit by battle. Code is still a WMD. He just needs to improve his skills. Konoha is now in greater danger because of his bruised ego.

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Boro’s snowy den, Amado, who is always shady, was able use his forked tongue to teach Eida how to move to Konoha, be with Kawaki, and take over the place. Code was furious, however, as he not only wanted Eida for him, but also wanted Amado to die for Isshiki’s betrayal. The fight culminated with Eida’s young cyborg brother Daemon attacking Code.

Daemon used his reflective powers to blow Code around. Code couldn’t believe that such a young boy could be so smart. Code could not do anything, even after identifying his opponent’s weaknesses and taking a beating that was worse than what the Konoha-nin had given him in the past.

Code decided to resign, ending his partnership with Eida. He didn’t mind, he got what was his and teleported out to Bug with an ex-Isshiki servant. He was aware of some of Daemons weaknesses, so Code is likely to inflict fear on him and make him think about leveling up. This could lead them to other labs Kara needed in order to get new weapons or train, or simply to find secrets on Eida/Daemon — two bots Isshiki was very afraid of.

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Code’s fury has reached fever pitch and he is determined to kill Amado (and Daemon) so he can decide whether Eida is still wanted. He will, however, direct his fury at the Hidden Leaf. He didn’t want to destroy it before, he just wanted his sacrificial Lamb for the tree.

After this humiliation against Daemon, he now wants EveryoneEspecially Kawaki and Naruto, as well as Shikamaru. They took Eida away indirectly by caring for Amado — just as Pain of the Akatsuki did in NarutoCode wants to destroy the village. Boruto continues.

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