Comic-Con 2022: Daredevil’s Charlie Cox Returns for Spider-Man

Comic-Con 2022: Daredevil's Charlie Cox Returning for Spider-Man: Freshman Year

Charlie Cox has a lot on his plate. Friday, Marvel Studios Animation boss Brad Winderbaum and Spider-Man Year FreshmanJeff Trammell, creator of the animated series, was present at San Diego Comic-Con for a chat about the studio’s future projects. The Hall H panel revealed that Daredevil will be voiced by Cox again, and will join Spider-Man in fighting crime.’s Brand Davis, who was present at Hall H to discuss the show, revealed that the show will be set before Captain America: Civil War on the MCU timeline.

In the artwork shown at Hall H, Daredevil is sporting a black suit with red accents—vastly different from what we’ve seen from the character yet. It draws inspiration from both Daredevil’s Shadowlands look as well as the costume worn by the character during the run that was first launched by Ron Garney (Charles Soule).

Winderbaum stated that “you’re totally unbounded by any kind of rules, which was both the most thrilling and the most daunting part about it, because you then have to create your rules,” previously reported. It is, in many aspects, the purest interpretation possible of the imaginations of those who created it. There is chaos in everything. There is chaos in animation. This is a key factor in live action. Filmmaking can be chaotic. It’s chaotic. And you end up with a completely different set of tools. Animations allow you to create anything you like. If you can imagine it, you can achieve it. If you can dream it, you can do it.”

Spider-Man Year Freshman Released in 2024

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