Comic-Con 2022: The Biggest News and Trailers and More

Comic-Con 2022: The Biggest News, Trailers, and More

Anne Rice’s Interview with the Vampire was always ahead of its time—and stuck in the past. 

This is the first novel in her Vampire Chronicles series. Interview1976 saw the release of the movie adaptation. Even the 1994 original film adaptation beat the remake. Twilight/True bloodThe vampire boom lasted about a decade. Even though this adaptation was successful, there are still many. Many flaws, but it’s got something), it still predated the every-genre-book-series-gets-5-seasons TV craze by too many years for Rice’s work to really get the serialized storytelling treatment. None of these versions have ever dealt with the fact that the main protagonist is a slaveowner. 

Its latest adaptation is now working to make it perfect.

AMC is giving Rice’s novel a fresh treatment. Sam Reid will play the role of Lestat the vampire. Game of Thrones’ Grey Worm, Jacob Anderson, starring as Lestat’s reluctant protege/plaything Louis. Based on the casting, and the trailer shown at Comic-Con this weekend, this new show aims to modernize the telling—and correct some of the more troubling aspects of its source material.

The story begins in 1910, rather than 1791. Instead of being a plantation owner, Louis, according to the trailer, “managed and operated a diversified portfolio of enterprises.” Claudia, although barely 5 years old in the book and played by a preteen Kirsten Dunst in the movie, is now a teenager (played by Bailey Bass). The show, however, is still set in New Orleans and still features Lestat hunting Louis to be his companion, though this version does seem to be a little more overt about the queer romance between the two—even if Louis remains as conflicted as ever about laying down with the devil.

“We tried to stay as true to the spirit of the book as possible, but it’s very much a modern interpretation,” executive producer Mark Johnson told Entertainment WeeklyThis weekend. “In many ways, our show is truer to the book than the movie was, which is ironic because Anne Rice herself wrote the screenplay to the movie.”

Can they modernize a story while still making great prestige television? You’ll know the answer when Interview with the VampireAMC hits AMC October 10.

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