Comic-Con: East Village comic shop sees record sales

East Village comic book shop seeing big sales amid Comic-Con

SAN DIEGO (KGTV). – Aaron Trites opened a comic shop at the corner 11th Avenue and F Street East Village in December 2018.

“I moved here from Boston about five years ago and opened downtown specifically to be close to Comic Con,” Trites said.

All of us know the state of the world and the people who live it since 2019.

The pandemic caused businesses to close their doors, and Comic-Con was put on hold until it was safe.

“And not having that was, you know, a huge negative for us,” he said. “So to get the show back, that is exactly what I waited.”

This is leading to major sales and the return of major conventions.

“Sales every day have been three to four times the average. It’s been terrific. We’ve had more people through the door than any other day that we’ve ever had,” Trites said.

People who have traveled to Comic-Con along Interstate 5 are stopping by the shop.

“I haven’t picked up my weekly comics yet, so maybe I’ll pick them up here,” Mary Cohen, who’s visiting Comic Con from Los Angeles, said.

Others flew thousands of kilometers to San Diego to attend the convention, and others popped in for a visit.

“Because there are a lot of things you don’t find at Comic-Con you find at local shops. And I think here is where everything happens, you know, where they say the magic happens is at the local shops,” Carlos Casaprima, who’s visiting from Spain, said.

Trites claimed that the shop is home to dozens upon dozens of people. It’s a sight he loves to see.

“It’s awesome seeing people find books that they’ve been looking for. It’s awesome finding toys that they’ve been hunting for from their childhood,” he said. “And it’s been so fun talking to people from all around the world. You know, talking to folks that are here from Belgium looking for ‘Tin-Tin,’ comic books. A guy from Australia who’s looking for ‘Wild Dog’ comics.”

It’s worth it to wait for the Comic-Con boost in profits and customers.

“But Comic-Con for San Diego especially is such a huge part of the city’s DNA. So, to have the Con back, it’s been awesome,” Trites said. “This is exactly why I set up in San Diego.”

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