Crunchyroll releases My Hero Academia Season 5 OVAs

My Hero Academia Season 5 Releases OVAs on Crunchyroll

My Hero AcademiaThe anime is back in business and we can thank season five for their special return. While everyone’s eyes are on the next season of the show, Bones’ team has been busy animating Izuku behind closed doors. To share the OVAs with fans, the crew has been animating them. Those specials can be viewed right now!

Crunchyroll made these episodes available recently. My Hero AcademiaOVAs are available now. Subscribers can access the specials immediately. You can subbed or dubbed them to your liking.

They were both officially announced at beginning of the year and first made their appearance in Japan in the middle of the summer. The first episode is about sports, as our heroes are split into teams to play ball. Gang Orca and Shishido recruited players from all over Japan to compete for the title of Japan’s best baseball player. However, things quickly get out of control when there are no quirks allowed on the field.

The second special takes place during Izuku’s internship with Endeavor. Bakugo and Shoto are the heroes who work alongside Bakugo and Bakugo to bring in an unimaginable villain that makes everyone smile. But the mission turns sour when Endeavor’s crew realizes how precocious that new baddie is. 

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These specials are charming and offer a casual take on the subject. My Hero AcademiaThe busy leaders of’s. It’s important that netizens enjoy the peaceful moments while they can, as the anime won’t last long. The series will be back with season six this fall. It is expected that the return will adapt one of the most intense arcs in the manga’s history. Season six is coming soon, so if you’re expecting it, My Hero AcademiaYou might think that it is a lighthearted affair. 

What do these OVAs say about you? Did you get a chance to see them? Leave your comments below or contact me via Twitter @MeganPetersCB.

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