Crunchyroll Streams My Hero Academia Anime’s 6th Season – News

Crunchyroll Streams My Hero Academia Anime's 6th Season - News

Studio anime BONESProducer Masahiko MinamiAt a panel CrunchyrollExpo on Friday CrunchyrollThe sixth season will be streamed on the internet. My Hero Academia anime. The anime will be shown on October 1.

The new season adapts “Paranormal Liberation War” to the new season. Kōhei HorikoshiThe original manga by’s, which depicts a war between heroes and antagonists.

The first 13-episode anime season was released in April 2016. The second season, which aired for 25 episodes, premiered in April 2017. The third season aired for 25 episodes and ran from April 2018 to April 2018. The fourth season, which aired for 25 episode in Japan, premiered in April 2017. Two-episode original anime video for the franchiseIn Japan, streamed August 2020 FunimationAnd CrunchyrollYou can stream the episodes.

The fifth season premiered on March 20, 2021 in Japan. It aired for 25 episode.

Two new original video anime episodes were screened in Japan between June 16-19. CrunchyrollYou can stream the episodes starting August 1.

Source: BONES‘ CRX 2022 panel

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