Dynamite to Produce “King Kong of Skull Island” Comics and Games

Dynamite to Produce 'King Kong of Skull Island' Comics and Games

Dynamite Entertainment is pleased to work with DeVito Artworks, Joe DeVito and the author of the illustrated book. King Kong of Skull IslandDynamite CEO Nick Barrucci announced that he will create comics and games that are based on the property.

“King Kong has been a passion of mine since I first saw the 1933 classic back in 1960,” DeVito said in a statement accompanying the announcement. “DeVito ArtWorks has worked exclusively in concert with the Merian C. Cooper Estate in creating King Kong of Skull IslandTo delve into all things King Kong, Skull Island. Now is a perfect time to partner again with Nick and expand still further on another fabulous Kong adventure in comic books and gaming–exciting times ahead!”

DeVito’s King Kong of Skull Island which was originally published by Dark Horse (see “Dark Horse Launches Prose Imprints”) as part of its illustrated novel program. BOOM! Studios later published a six-issue miniseries based on the novel (see “‘Kong of Skull Island’ Miniseries”).

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