Episode 17 – Rent-A-Girlfriend Season 2,

Episode 17 - Rent-A-Girlfriend Season 2

This season has been slow, it’s not secret. It’s glacially slow. Molasses in an Igloo are slow. To avoid fatigue during the opening of this episode I invented a new pastime: The Rent-A-GirlfriendDrinking Game Although we at ANN don’t condone the risk of your health or life, I can assure you that this drinking game is safest. Before you start loading an episode, make sure to get some whiskey. RAG. If Kazuya, Chizuru, or any other scene that does not feature him talking about how beautiful, amazing, and amazingly attractive they are, give us a shot. You’ll be sober by the end of each week, but you’ll still have an incentive to watch this boring, repetitive, and ungodly boring segment.

After the tedious and endless scene of Chizuru making Kazuya bones Ruka, things pick up. It’s mostly because Sumi is back, which is the best character in the show. And I don’t say that out of any waifu loyalty or anything – Sumi is just the most engaging girl at this point, because she’s the only one with a coherent personal goal that is actually advanced through her interactions with Kazuya. He seems to be able to have a conversation with her, so their scenes together are the most natural. Despite the fact that one of them rarely speaks, it’s clear they have the best rapport. This scene is Kazuya’s closest to a friendly, healthy relationship with any woman in this series, making it the easiest and most entertaining material this season.

We also get the first hint of Kazuya’s character in quite some time thanks to this rapport. This is the part where he says that it will probably be futile to get her a gift, as she is so far out of his league. That habit of putting the women around him – and specifically Chizuru since he fell for her – on a pedestal is a key part of Kazuya’s biggest hang-ups, and what he needs to get past if he wants to have an actual healthy relationship with anyone. He believes he is a flawed, worthless individual who can’t earn and never receive affection from the women (and they are always women). It has become the go-to topic for anyone who speaks about it. RAGKazuya is often referred to as trash. However, this is mostly due to the bullshit he pulls in order keep the story’s wheels turning for untold time. Speaking objectively, he’s a flawed person with a lot of shit to get over or unlearn, but he is not fundamentally undeserving of love – and if he ever learned that he’d probably have a way better time relating to Chizuru as a person rather than an untouchable Goddess who deigns to condescend to his level out of holy grace.

A similar section is found in the (very horny!) manga Saki the Succubus Hungries TonightThe story centers on the male lead trying to overcome his own self-loathing and have a healthy relationship with his love interest. That was a series of five volumes with an ending that was definitive and a more mature view of sex and romance. RAGyou can ever imagine. Instead of dealing with Kazuya’s self-hatred and inhuman awe with Chizuru, we instead make a comic about him buying her a birthday gift after seeing her perform in a power rangers show. Which I guess shouldn’t be surprising – if this show was actually interested in tackling the actual aspects of the characters that drive how they behave, it would have done so by now. From a distance, it’s the most infuriating thing that he has done this season. It might even be romantic-building in another story, but here, it’s just an excuse to ignore the bigger problems that are preventing these characters from growing.

So while I didn’t put my liver at risk by intoxicating alcohol, I made my own entertainment by creating a version of RAGThat cares more about its characters than just their ability keep the marketing machine humming. Could it be possible that one day, this show will break the mold and get its act in gear to actually develop these characters or address the decent ideas it has? Yes, it’s possible for some space debris to fall on earth and survive atmospheric reentry to crash into my house, killing me. This is a scenario so remote that it’s almost unimaginable.


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