Episode 2: The Devil Is Part-Timer! Season 2

Episode 2 - The Devil Is a Part-Timer!! Season 2

One thing I want to say The Devil Is Part-Timer! credit for is how it is able to present some surprisingly genuine insight and character moments from what could be considered a relatively cliché situation. I joked last week that putting a baby in the mix can often be a last-ditch attempt to keep a show on air when it has reached its peak. Fairly OddParents). However, Part-Timer!!Despite the show’s light tone, the cast takes this development seriously. Everyone is involved in discussions about the baby’s care, their stay, and other details. This is akin to a family caring about a child. Even though it’s made up of many demons, angels and assassins along with one high school girl, it does feel like that. Maou may not actually be the father but he’s taking on responsibility and trying his best to get through it all. He can only do so much, and I’m happy that he sought the help of others, even though it was truly a shameful thing to do.

Major shout out to the show for acknowledging Chiho’s confession. Maou felt especially guilty about asking for help, even though he hadn’t yet given it. It could be romantic padding, especially considering what this episode is setting up regarding Maou and Emi, but I like that it’s at least been talked about—same goes for the mentioning of social hurdles that come with taking care of a baby outside the home. It was surprising that Maou’s manager gave such relatable advice about how, even when things aren’t as they seem, it is important to listen to others because people can get stuck in their own opinions about things. This not only shows that she cares about her coworkers (which may explain why Maou has become so understanding), but also shows how thoughtful she is. The Devil Is Part-Timer!Its depiction and description of social situations is important.

This message feels a little strange when Emi and Maou are showing hints of romance development. It could be that they are being portrayed as the parents of this random kid, but it is a subtle fourth-wall misdirect. Perhaps things are not as they seem and we’re seeing dumb antics. When there are still some very heavy and complicated issues regarding their relationship, it would be premature for the show’s to promote them as a couple. It will be interesting to see which elements are kept in the background and which ones it wants to bring to the forefront.


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