Episode 2: Uncle From Another World

Episode 2 - Uncle From Another World

The series’ first episode was a heavy lift: it introduced the concept, the two worlds, the main characters and gave us the show’s core jokes. This episode is all about bringing in the rest, and enjoying some solid tragedyomedy humor.

Mabel is a fantasy world woman who just wants to be able to melt her frozen heart. Instead, she meets Uncle. He can’t believe he wouldn’t do anything like that to save her from the dragon. But, things are funny in this series and he does manage to say the right things to save his daughter, only for things to go wrong at the end. Rather than convincing her to believe in herself and who she can become—i.e., a hero—he tells her it’s okay to stay the course of being a recluse and let the world burn. Then, just in case things weren’t bad enough, he rejects the sword she tries to give him—the sword that is a literal manifestation of her heart. Oof.

We are then introduced to Fujimiya who is Takafumi’s childhood friend. Despite their many years apart, it’s clear from the start she has a huge crush on him, to the point that she is willing to drop by his apartment alone to spend some “quality time” with him. This leads to the second big joke in this episode: Without the context of Uncle having magic powers, it does seem like he is trying to exploit his financially struggling nephew. It’s a wonderful comedic setup, and one that I believe will continue to be used for humor moving forward.

Although this episode is strong, it’s not quite up to the same level as the premiere. This episode was almost perfect. Mabel isn’t as interesting as the Elf, despite being great at making one-shot jokes. Although Fujimiya is funny about Takafumi, Takafumi’s living conditions is not something that will support her character over the long-term. It’s still exciting to see the story unfold now that we are familiar with all the main characters.


Random Thoughts

• I mean, Uncle’s not wrong—Guardian HeroesIt’s a great game, and it’s 197 in our reader poll makes it sad.

• I love that the first thing Fujimiya does in his apartment is to go to Takafumi’s bed and verify whether he is single or not.

• It’s actually scary how Uncle’s go-to solution to problems is “mindwipe.” Something tells me he has erased some vital parts of his life—not only in his own mind but in others as well.

• Ah, so Uncle has seen Evangelion… he just didn’t understand it at all beyond the most surface level—which makes sense considering how bad he is at reading the Elf and Mabel’s obvious attraction towards him.

• I wonder why Uncle is able to detect Fujimiya’s crush on Takafumi so easily. Maybe it’s just because he’s well-informed about the childhood friend cliché trope from all his gaming.

• On that note, I love the idea that Uncle isn’t “genre savvy” per se—he’s “wrong genre savvy.” He was trapped in a classic JRPG world but never played JRPGs. He treated his adventure instead as an action game. Find boss, kill the boss.

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