Episode 3 – The Devil is a Part-Timer! Season 2

Episode 3 - The Devil Is a Part-Timer!! Season 2

I was expecting this episode would be a simple episode about Emi and Maou’s shipping adventures. But instead, I got a lot of lore and an understanding of the stakes for this season. There are more comical and subversive aspects to The Devil Is Part-Timer are definitely enjoyable and reason enough to stick around – and there’s plenty of that here such as everyone’s commentary on the date and the running gag of everyone being money conscious – what really makes this show stand out for me is its engaging lore. It was a controversial decision to introduce this wild child of a child to the show. I’m glad the anime has trimmed the fat to get straight to the point. It didn’t feel forced. Given the circumstances, Emi might be suspicious of Maou’s willingness to accept this child.

It turns out Alas Ramus is Maou’s child. But not in the manner you might think. Maou’s life was saved when he was young by an angel, who gave him a seed which eventually became the golden apple Alas rose from. Maou also learned the first thing about the human realm from this angel, so it’s not a random chance that he came to this world. I love it when shows go back to the past and answer questions that we may take for granted. I am not a fan of the show’s continuity. MoreQuestions about Maou’s upbringing are now being asked by the show.

It’s fascinating to me how Maou became an orphaned, demon-like being whose parents were killed by his kind and a ruler of his realm. This is especially after he was apparently looked after by an angel. Alas explained why Maou was called Papa in the episode. However, Emi still refers as Mama. It could be because she is an angel. It’s difficult to say, as she reacts very differently to being confronted by the angels who want to take her away in the second quarter of the episode. Although the confrontation felt abrupt, Chiho bought the group some time and made the Angels head feel terrible. It was funny, though incredibly contrived. These two episodes are proof of that The Devil Is Part-TimerIt is able recapture much of the comedy from its previous season. I’m interested to see what dramatic beats it will touch on. Is it more able to express its fantasy premise or did it outgrow most of the ideas it had in season one?


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