Episode 4 – Parallel World Pharmacy

Episode 4 - Parallel World Pharmacy

It is Parallel World PharmacyIt’s shaping up as one of the most enjoyable shows of the season. Even if you had told me a couple months ago that such an idea would be possible, I might have laughed. But, here we are, only a quarter through the series and I am loving every moment of it. Even an episode like “The Empress and an Imperial Charter”, which is largely lacking the interesting conflicts that made the show so compelling in previous weeks, manages to be consistently heartwarming and entertaining.

For instance, there’s not a lot of dramatic weight to Farma’s interactions with Queen Èlizabeth II, since it’s mostly about confirming her ongoing recovery from tuberculosis, but it’s lovely to simply see Her Majesty be able to speak with Farma under less dire circumstances. Will I lie to you and say that much of my enjoyment from this episode wasn’t due to the fact that the Queen looks absolutely stunning? No. I Will say, though, that I also really appreciated the moment where Farma was able to impart some wisdom to the Queen regarding her fears over having already experienced “death”. One of my biggest pet peeves with reincarnation anime characters is not caring about their own deaths. Farma, however, is using his experiences and reflections in order to better his life. Great stuff.

Farma finally fulfills his lifelong dream to run a community pharmacy. The Queen promoted him to Royal Pharmacycist, which is a huge bonus, and also gave him a pile of gold. In typical Farma style, our boy stumbles into starting up an underdog medical center with all of his usual humility and goofy charm, to the point where his tendency to monologue to himself ends up with him accidentally naming his new operation “Parallel World Pharmacy“. Everyone is 100 percent on board, no questions asked. It’s a joke I love because it’s so silly and earnest.

This section’s best part is the moment when the old and snooty Head of the Pharmaceutists’ Guild attempts to intimidate the new kid, only for Ellen to take it out on him. If you were worried that the Queen would take over her position as Queen, this is it. Parallel World PharmacyYou can rest assured that Ellen is the reigning Best Girl. Ellen’s territory seems to be very secure. It’s also great when Bruno conveniently asks his servant Cèdric to “retire” so Farma can hire a proper accountant. While it is adorable, Lotte really wants to help, at least one adult should run the joint.

I must say that I am really enjoying this anime so far. I hope it can keep the momentum going for the rest. It’s got great character writing and solid world building. And most importantly, it has a lot of heart. Imagine if all the other isekais in this ilk were as well-thought.


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