Episode 4 – The Yakuza’s Guide to Child Care

Episode 4 - The Yakuza's Guide to Babysitting

This sure was an… odd episode of The Yakuza’s Guide to babysitting.

To be fair to the show’s creators, they did warn at the beginning of the episode that this would be a silly non sequitur. Yes, they were right. Kirishima (and Sugihara) setting up a streaming channel for the will of the boss and it spiraling into pop stardom is a great idea. It fits in with the funny tone of the show. The jokes and bits are all very well executed.

Even though the end result is ultimately a positive one, Kirishima realized he shouldn’t be doing it. He should instead be taking care of Yaeka, as that is where his heart is right now. I think that’s a great wrap-up.

The problem is that… I don’t think it was funny enough or profound enough to make up an entire episode. This episode had a meme-y/internet culture vibe with an absurd sense of comedy about escalation. The comedy themes of these two humors have not been present on the show until now, and I honestly don’t think they are well-suited to the cast. The show is comfortable in the slice-of-life with quirky people it’s been operating in and there was no compelling reason to create a full episode.

Kirishima isn’t quite sure that Kirishima’s realization is all that important. From the start, he was invested in Yaeka. He is all-in on taking good care of her both to please him and because he cares. I never really doubted his commitment and his sudden “oh no I should be back with Yaeka” moment doesn’t feel all that earned.

It was not a bad episode. However, I will be happy for us to return to the original vibe of the show.


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