Episode of Naruto Filler That Was Really Very Important

The Naruto Filler Episode That Was Actually Pretty Important

Season 4 episode “A Clash of Fate – You Can’t Bring me Down!” It takes place between Sasuke’s departure and Naruto’s extended training with Jiraiya. It reintroduces Mizuki as the villain who manipulates Naruto to steal the Scroll of Seals in episode one and from whom Iruka defends his student. 

Mizuki, who is still hurt by his defeat earlier in the year, is determined to make Naruto or Iruka miserable. Mizuki uses a potion to gain tiger-like speed and strength, giving him an advantage. Naruto, however, is not ready to go down without a fight — using his Rasengan, he manages to defeat Mizuki and save his and Iruka’s lives. 

Although it is a filler episode, this episode completes the series. Naruto does the same as Iruka and saves Naruto’s former teacher. This is a wonderful parallel to Naruto’s early days and shows how far the Ninja has come. He is no longer an outcast child, but a strong, confident young man who is ready to help those he loves and cares about.

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