Episodes 1-4 – Engage Kiss

Episodes 1-4 - Engage Kiss

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My first impressions Kiss the One You LoveThey were more nostalgic than anything else. Although once there was a thriving. Future Diary‘s Yuno Gasai Elfen LiedAlthough Lucy’s voice was ubiquitous, anime has evolved beyond the days of the codependent and coifed murderess. Perhaps that’s the best, but like all passe trends, their appeals are eroded more quickly by the flaws of memory. It is not hard to believe that my heart was tingling when Kisara transformed into a Deviantart-worthy one winged demon wearing a neon pink blade with meticulously proportioned ziettai ryouiki. All it took was a game of tonsil hockey. It’s a wonderful slice of trashy juvenile edgelordism that I kinda miss.

Unfortunately, Kiss the One You LoveMy rose-colored glasses, which aren’t prescription, can only see so much before the show begins to impair my vision. Their main crime boils down into thin characterization. This series fails to make these people interesting as individuals or as part of a relationship. Kisara exhibits no personality trait beyond “is yandere,” Ayano only functions as a killjoy third wheel, and Shu has no redeeming qualities by design. Shu’s freeloading, deadbeat behavior is something I actually appreciate. Scumbag protagonists can be quite entertaining (just take a look at). Better Call SaulYou have to be able and able to create them in a compelling or amusing manner. Kiss the One You LoveThe dialogue lacks the necessary charm and wit. None of the jokes work. It’s all tropes, with no substance.

The narrative is unable to grasp onto the characters without them. Kiss the One You LoveDoles out details about its oceanic cities and future fuel. Only now, after four episodes of the series, do I feel I have a decent grasp on the setting as well as its major players. Normally, this is okay. I actually think modern anime could do with being better. Muchcoyer on their plotting, worldbuilding. I long for a return to that post.Evangeliona time when creators didn’t care enough to make simple sense. However, Kiss the One You LoveTo justify the long haul, you need to be able to solve more mysteries or find better investigators.

You could argue, however, that Kiss the One You LoveThe anime’s appeal is not through its plot or characters but rather through the spectacle and action. I can understand that argument. It looks fantastic, with its high production values, well-choreographed fighting scenes, and the above-mentioned edginess in its demon designs. It’s got enough to stand out in this season’s anime, so I’m not surprised that there’s been some buzz. I must give credit to Ayano for ripping her dress, whipping out the pistol and shooting off the remnants of fabric. This is some hilariously stupid action movie logic. The spectacle was not enough to convince me in the first episode. You have my respect if you only need a hot pink demon girl to slicing up baddies. Kiss the One You LoveIt might be right for you.

I found the series to be much better in its third and fourth episodes. This is mainly because it began treating its characters as more than cardboard standees, and more like people with complicated histories. Kiss the One You LoveIt trades its youthful slapstick for brooding melodrama. In doing so, it embraces the sincere trashiness that Kisara’s character design evokes. A series like Future DiaryIrony can be appreciated, but only because of the series’ own commitment to its work. While Kiss the One You LoveIt’s yet to touch against the outrageous highs of its predecessors. Instead of engaging with it as an action vehicle, I’d rather engage with anime as a vehicle for angst or action than as a collection of tropes.

This is a significant development, given the previous two episodes. It’s hard to be expected to take Shu seriously all of a sudden, and his motivation is as cliché as they come. It’s still a great thing that we’re beginning to explore the ramifications his contract with Kisara and the high cost associated with trading his memories for his demon-slaying ability. It’s fascinating that his past relationships are revealed to the audience at the same moment he does. Ayano’s frustration towards him seems less rote and more tragic now that she has that knowledge. I’m much more interested in the past times they shared, now that I know about his Faustian deal. Kisara’s yandere schtick is now a secondary focus to show that she has an emotional connection with Shu. This week’s scene with Ayano is haunting. She recounts her now-dead memories to her in painful detail. It’s unlikely that either of these women will ever discuss anything other than Shu. But if the love triangle is to continue, it’s better for it be gnarled, full of thorns.

The plot is a good one. I find some seeds of social commentary intriguing, even though they haven’t yet sprouted. Bayron City stands out, for example, as an independent capitalist hellhole. All this power and wealth yet entire districts remain in poverty, are subject to rampant terrorist attacks, suffer from rolling blackouts, and have a pompous figurehead. It’s nice and dystopian to watch the auctions for the PMC that will deal with the Demon of the Week. I also like the fact that demons are disgruntled citizens being manipulated by a pyramid-scheme salesman. It almost seems like Bayron is responsible for its own demise. It’s too soon to tell if it will be. Kiss the One You LoveThese themes will be developed further. However, I hope it does. This is much more interesting than Shu’s demon-vengeance deal with his dead family.

Right now Kiss the One You LoveAlthough it is a middling manga, it is on the rise. The premiere is especially dull, considering the absurdity of Shu’s and Kisaras excessive petting. The last two episodes have been a great deal of political and personal intrigue. It is possible that the series will become more entertaining if it maintains its momentum and keeps throwing us great action setpieces (the mirror scene from this week was amazing).


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