Episodes 4-5 – My Isekai Life

Episodes 4-5 - My Isekai Life

It was a hugely explosive episode that marked the fourth edition of My Isekai Life. This was a great episode. It sets the stage for future events.

Battle with the blue dragon is undoubtedly the most popular part of the event. The dragon’s design is quite interesting, with the wings, separate arms, and the additional winged sides of its head evoking the more “spiky” fantasy designs of Yu-Gi-Oh! or perhaps certain Digimon forms. It is a compliment, by the way. I believe it gives the dragon an even more frightening appearance.

The fight itself is excellent, with great animation and solid back and forth. Yuji seems to have been tested by the encounter, even his considerable strength. I loved the fact that he was fighting a kaiju outside the town. Yuji felt in dire straits after the damage to his neck and eye from the dragon. Overall, it was a satisfying fight, even if it was short.

The Dryad character was also added. It was my assumption that we would see her in the near future, but I enjoy the return to the original episode with the collection. It’s a great way to show Yuji her general concern and care. There’s a lot of specific but also not-quite-specific-enough technobabble about potion creation and the life cycle of dragons’ vital essence. This is pretty standard stuff for fantasy that involves monster crafting and slaying, but the idea that dragon blood is just an instrument is good. The clear saucer dish design is also great.

We also get a hint at possible future antagonists. Yuji will have to face a growing threat from the robed oddos, and there is more work ahead.


My Isekai LifeThis week features the heavy hitters, with more Yuji content and better visual gags.

Yuji, as an isekai hero, surprises me because he actually does help people. The power fantasy here seems to be “what if you had the power to do actual good for others?” and that is enough to keep me coming back week after week. Yuji not only helps with the town’s snowfall problem, but also addresses the core magic issues that caused it.

It is a joy to watch the firewood-chopping sequences. The absolute best is the visual callback of Yuji taking out an entire swathe of forest with the cool-guy-strikes-a-blow-then-strikes-a-pose setup, detached logs twirling in the air. It’s also amazing to see how he includes his slime and Wolf friends in the mix. I love how they sort of shove logs from their mouths into nicely stacked palettes for later use.

And what can be said about the food reaction portions except, “bravo!” I love the completely over-the-top reaction faces to good food à la Yakitate!! Japan, Food Wars?, and God of Cookery(Let’s see if I can sneak in a). Stephen ChowReference into a review is what I’m doing. These moments are great comedy bits and the transitions in art are great. But, what’s most important is the reaction we get from the Proud Wolf and slimes. Watching adorable mustachioed slimes sail through the heavens on delicious stalks of leafy celery is a unique image only this show can provide – and I for one am thankful.

I like the simplicity of magic elementalism. Many fantasy works will have “ambient magic” affect the surrounding environment – often times too much magic or too little magic will lead to unnatural or exaggerated forms of flora and fauna. My Isekai Life portrays this as a much simpler binary instead – too much magic HOT, but too little magic COLD – but I think it works in the show’s favor. A trope only needs a little twist to give it a uniqueness. This works well here.


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