Fans’ Favorite Naruto Scene

The Most Iconic Naruto Scene According To Fans

In the “Naruto” subreddit, one fan called u/Arrioso made a post celebrating the show’s longevity by talking about one of their favorite moments. This is Episode 163 of “Naruto: Shippuden” and shows Naruto standing on the edge of the village that Pain has destroyed. It is because Naruto is riding on top of a great toad (a summonable, powerful beast), while another toad stands in his place. This is a hilarious scene that shows the horrors of a massacre.

Many “Naruto” fans celebrated the scene in comments. U/Thorn0427 even suggested it as the best scene of the entire series. U/cMk said that Naruto should keep the flowing cape that he wears in this episode. It makes everything seem a lot more dramatic. Nearly everyone agreed with U/Arrioso. However, u/roxicod0ne added another moment to claim the number one spot. They said, “I won’t forget when Lee drops their weights.” It’s a very popular opinion, considering how much they voted for it.

The most striking thing about this thread is the cordial nature of the whole group. Naruto fans know how to share joy and keep it happy, even when it leads to heartbreaking moments. 

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