Find the missing pieces of Yasod

Finding The Missing Pieces Of Yasod!


The Devil Is A Part-Timer Season 2 episode 4 will bring a serious act on the frontlines. The devil has to deal with a dangerous man, who is also willing to kill his daughter. Alas may be the one to solve the problem for Maou, but something tells me otherwise. Gabriel was searching for missing pieces of Yasod’s sacred tree, which he had sent to Earth. Moau now has to find everything. This is all you need to know about the next episode.

Maou will be searching for Yasod’s pieces in the next episode. He will have to look after his daughter while he does this. It will be interesting for us to see how the man of his family handles these two tasks.

The Devil is A Part-Timer season 2 Episode 4

The Devil is a Part-Timer Season 2 Episode 4. What’s next?

In Hataraku Maou–Sama, things have quickly escalated. This beautiful day turned into a disaster for both the devil’s wife and him. It was revealed that Gabriel had arrived at his house with a whole force in the final scenes. The request was for Yasod’s missing pieces, which he had broken several years before. Now, the guardian thought that it was Maou’s responsibility to help him find all the pieces of that sacred tree.

Maou was prepared to use threats against the girl to get the job done. He was also seen making a fuss outside his home about it. In The Devil Is A Part-Timer Season 2 Episode 4, Maou will have to do two things. The first is to care for his daughter and get her to safety. One is to look for missing pieces of Yasod.

The Devil is A Part-Timer season 2 Episode 4

Here’s a quick recap!

The title of The Devil Is A Part-Timer Season 2 Episode 3 was “The Devil and the Hero Go To the Amusement Park as Adviced.” The episode started with Maou and Emi visiting the amusement park to spend their day in leisure. Alas could get sunburned by such high temperatures, so the parents worried. They went to the shop to buy her a hat. Maou, however, had a completely opposing opinion.

Alas found the poster of the work later on. A mysterious woman approached the little girl outside the store. The episode ended with Gabriel leading a group of people surrounding the couple’s house. The episode ended with Maou giving the boy one day to give his daughter to him.

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The Devil is A Part-Timer season 2 Episode 4

The Devil Is a Part-Timer Season 2 Episode 4, Release Date

In the next two days, fans will be able to catch more of the child that is lurking in the devil’s house. Hataraku Mao-Sama Season 2 Episode 4 has not been released without a break. The episode will be released on August 4, 2022. Crunchyroll will have all episodes available for viewing. To keep up with all the latest news, subscribe to The Anime Daily.


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