Goku Meets His Match in New Manga Preview

Dragon Ball Super Manga Goku

Goku struggles in new preview photos from the Dragon Ball Super manga.


In a series of preview sketches taken from Chapter 86 that were published through the official website, Gas seems to have the upper hand over the series’ main character. Dragon Ball website. The previous chapter seemed to show that the good guys had won the fight, but the Heeters’ best warrior, Goku, is shown taking some heavy hits. It seems that the Dragon Ball-powered Saiyan’s abilities, including his Ultra Instinct variant and his Instant Transmission Teleportation ability to stall for his time, are no longer applicable.

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Gas is unlikely to be able finish Goku, who has a history in securing clutch wins even when it seems impossible. But since both Goku and Vegeta have already debuted new forms during this arc — Goku’s previously mentioned, emotion-powered version of Ultra Instinct and Vegeta’s entirely new Ultra Ego form — it remains to be seen what else the Saiyan duo can do to overcome Gas’ overwhelming strength.

In a teaser, the manga producers revealed that Granolah The Survivor, the current arc of the manga, was about to end. Akira Toriyama is the series creator and oversees the production of this manga. Dragon Ball Super series, and his protegé, Toyotarou, who actually draws the manga, have dropped any hints about what’s next for the series or an official end date for the current arc.

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Dragon Ball Super Anime is Coming Back Soon

Rumours about the continuation Dragon Ball SuperHowever, anime series are still in flux. Akio Iyoku, series producer teased that there would be more animated series. Dragon BallTo look forward to beyond the latest installment of the series’ movie, Dragon Ball Super HeroThe United States will release the anime on August 19. This message was taken by many fans as confirmation that the 2015 anime series would receive a new season. It was also confirmed when reliable. Dragon Ball@DBSChronicles leaked a report stating that the series would be returning with new episodes sometime around 2023. Since the original SuperThe anime was taken off air in 2018. In 2018, the manga published the Galactic Prisoner Patrol Saga. It has yet to be animated.

Dragon Ball SuperThe official release of the 86th chapter in English will be made available by VIZ Media’s MangaPlus service.

Source: Official Dragon Ball Website

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