Gray Man Pitch Meeting

The Gray Man Pitch Meeting

The Screen Rant Pitch Meetings’ latest episode takes aim at Netflix’s The Gray Man. It shows why even Ryan Gosling or Chris Evans can’t save movies.

Warning! This article contains spoilers The Gray Man.

Screen Rant covers The Gray Man in the latest installment of Pitch Meetings. Directed By Avengers: Infinity War and Endgame filmmakers JoeAnd Anthony Russo, The Gray Man follows Ryan Gosling as a rogue CIA agent, Sierra Six, who was recruited for the organization while in prison for murdering his abusive father. Six is 20 years into his career with CIA when he discovers a dark secret that could put him at risk. He must face off against the monstrous Lloyd Hansen (Chris Evansn), a psychopathic former CIA agent who will stop at nothing to kill Six. The Gray Man Ana de Armas stars as Dani Miranda, a Six agent.


Despite its huge $200 million budget, and all-star cast The Gray Man It received a 47% score from Rotten Tomatoes critics, but it fell flat in terms of reviews. Fans and critics have been divided about the film, with many feeling disappointed and underwhelmed by its star-studded cast and potential blockbuster potential. But the mixed reception from critics and fans did not end there. The Gray Man You earned a sequel. The upcoming follow-up was ordered thanks to The Gray Man’s successful opening on Netflix, landing in fifth place for the streaming platform’s highest first-week views.

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Now, The Gray Man gets the Pitch Meetings treatment. Ryan George, the host, tackles everything: the film’s massive budget and hard-to-miss plot gaps to its predictable storyline. Netflix’s most expensive movie can’t escape this hilarious take on what happened during its pitch meeting. You can watch the entire video below.

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George addresses a few major grievances viewers have with The Gray ManThe $200 million budget meant that the film was unable to realize its full potential. It appears that the bulk of the budget was used for actors rather than to improve the plot. Unfortunately, this is quite common in the action movie genre. George highlights the central storyline in The Gray Man, where the CIA ends up being the bad guy and the protagonist has to battle the law, has been done many, many times before. A movie’s overuse of plot does not necessarily make it bad. However, this movie clearly shows that very little attention was paid to major flaws. Six, for example, survives jumping from a plane, and then escapes handcuffs. Both of these events are not visible to the audience. However, the movie’s pitfalls do not end there. George stresses that The Gray Man features way, way too many drone shots, and when it appears a solution can be offered to Six’s dilemma, the movie continues to drag on without addressing the obvious.

Despite some serious oversights The Gray Man is no disappointment when it comes to action, as the 129 minutes of the film are filled with it. It is clear that the movie is great. It was always planned to have a sequel. The Gray Man ending sees Six narrowly escape his attackers. While Lloyd dies, it is clear that there are many villains out for Six and the follow-up will have ample time to address them. Even though not everyone is on board, The Gray ManIt continues to do fairly well on Netflix. Here’s to hoping for a sequel. The Gray Man 2 will learn from its mistakes next time around. Pitch Meetings will be available to discuss the failures if it does not.

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