GVN Talking Comics Review – Mad Cave Studios Over the Ropes’ – Volume 2

GVN Talking Comics Review: Mad Cave Studios 'Over the Ropes' - Volume 2

Last time on SFW Explode

SFW Explode was a hit new wrestling show that we saw last time. It lived up its name. AWF champion Buddy Peacock and his “Peacock Posse” did a Nuke LaLoosh and “announced their presence with AUTHORITY! Much to the dismay of SFW Champion Phoenix, Scorch. Although the title of girlfriend is currently in flux, All parties involved are now meeting Ricky Radison, SFW booker and owner, to explain the angle. He and Peacock have already agreed to.

The Unified Women’s Champion

Unfortunately, Phoenix can’t get over the resentment he feels for Peacock, his absentee Father. He will accept the match. Especially if it gives him the opportunity to take out some of his abandonment issues on “dear old Dad.” But before THAT can happen, there would be a Unified Women’s Title Match. The AWF Ladies Champion Yuri is a female version the Great Kabuki and, to her surprise, Scorch. The match would consist of a kendo stick competition with the winner being named the Unified Champ.

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A Challenge Made

Courtney wasn’t sure who she was more upset with. Radison for arranging the match, even though she didn’t intend to pursue a career in wrestling, and Jason for not standing by her. However, he was too consumed with his desire for revenge against Peacock. As for Yuri, she wasn’t about to let this match go without a fight…so to speak. Scorch was pushed to accept the book. First, by calling her a coward and then mentioning how the wrestling “Dirt Sheet” considered her a fraud who is getting by on looks and riding Phoenix’s tail feathers. (They didn’t say that last part exactly…I took artistic liberties).

Make decisions

Scorch needed to make some tough decisions. Scorch had to make decisions about not only the match with Yuri but also her life and the chance of a happy marriage with Jason. Sometimes, the best way for things to be figured out is in a ring. At least, where Barbwire Brody’s School of Hard Knocks is concerned. It is with Brody’s help that she decides what to do. That is at least in terms of the MATCH. Courtney will decide to quit wrestling on her terms. She was not scared off by some bald-faced scumbag. The match is now.

She Proves Herself

Although the match was over, there were still many obstacles to overcome regarding Phoenix and Scorch. Jason realized this when he attempted accompany Scorch on the ramp. Courtney forbids him to do so. She would prove to the “Dirt Sheet,” to herself, that she could do this without Phoenix. She could win or lose.  There was also the additional problem of setting up the ring in the middle of large swimming pools. It was Tampa Florida.

Getting misty-eyed

It was a tough match, with no mercy. Especially when Yuri went all “Great Kabuki” on Scorch, spitting a green mist into her face. (I told you… if you’re not familiar, look up “The Great Kabuki). While temporarily “blinded,” Yuri wore Scorch out with the Kendo Stick. With each thunderous crackle of the bamboo, Yuri appears to be unafraid.


Scorch was facing a difficult time. But like most fan favorites do, she rallied. First by catching Yuri coming in with an impressive “Super Kick” and then following it up with a modified hold that Brody had taught her. Modified by using the broken Kendo Stick across Yuri’s face. Scorch became the Unified Ladies Champion when she finally tap out. Not too bad for “just a pretty face.”

The Secret is out

But as any wrestling fan knows, a win doesn’t mean the battle is over. Especially when you feel you’ve just been embarrassed on Live TV. Scorch gets thrown out the ring by Yuri. Then, Yuri dropped on Scorch and held her under. Talk about losers. Brody and Phoenix are brought to the ringside to end it before Yuri drowns her new champ. Phoenix is also greeted by Buddy Peacock, who sets things off. However, in his zeal to attack Peacock who he now blames for Yuri’s attack on Scorch, he confirms loudly their family connection. Just what the Dirt Sheet wanted!


One of the greatest things about Over the RopesJay Sandlin’s embrace of wrestling homages in every issue is one example. One of these is the aforementioned resemblance to Yuri that he and Antonello Cosentino bestow on her. This is especially true when you consider the green mist that was popularized by The Great Kabuki, and later The Great Muta. Gene Labell is also mentioned. Labell was known as the “Godfather of Grappling” and was the basis of Brad Pitts character in Once Upon a Time, Hollywood. Amazing stuff. Booker Sandlin, Promoter Cosentino seem to be setting the stage for an amazing show in the upcoming issues.

Mad Cave Studios Over the RopesYou can purchase Volume 2 Issue 2 of Jay Sandlin & Antonello Cosentino by using the digital subscription page located here.

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