Helen Mirren In Shazam 2, Says Director, Fulfills Original Villain Plan

Helen Mirren In Shazam 2 Fulfilled Original Villain Plan, Says Director

Shazam! David F. Sandberg, Fury of the Gods director, suggests that Helen Mirren was more than he imagined.

David F. Sandberg claims that Helen Mirren’s casting in was done by Lucy Liu and Lucy Liu. Shazam! Fury of GodsThis was the realization of a lifelong dream. Sandberg’s first Shazam!The movie was released in 2019, impressing viewers and critics with its bright cinematography, light-hearted tone, and earning a decent revenue at $366 million for an $80-100m budget. WB and DC quickly developed a sequel to the film’s success, with Zachary Levi and Asher Angel returning as Billy Batson, the lead teenager, and his superhero alter-ego.

Released on the upcoming Christmas. Shazam! 2 There are many reasons why the movie has fans excited. Firstly, the movie was hyped after it debuted costume upgrades for the entire Shazam family, and later the concept art featuring enthralling mythical locations and creatures drew more interest in the film. The film was recently remade by the Shazam! Fury of Gods trailer was unveiled at San Diego Comic-Con (SDCC) 2022, and it introduced the new villains, the Daughters of Atlas – Hespera and Kalypso – played by Mirren and Liu, respectively. While there is still much to learn about their backgrounds, the villainesses seem to be a grave threat with their eyes set on the Shazam family and their powers.


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During WB’s press line after SDCC 2022, Sandberg discussed with Screen Rant how he felt about Mirren and Liu joining his sequel. The director is clearly thrilled about their casting; he had set out to get some A-listers to play the antagonists in his movie and was absolutely amazed when the stars agreed to do the film. Sandberg, who has watched their films, is a huge fan of Mirren & Liu. He was delighted to get the chance to work alongside them. You can read what he said.

“It’s a dream coming true. I have been watching movies with Helen and Lucy, but now I get the opportunity to work with them. It is amazing. They are the best. These parts were ours, so we said, “Let us try to get the biggest and most talented actresses that we can.” They said yes, and we were able. It’s amazing.”

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Sandberg called for casting calls. Shazam! 2Mirren was his dream casting choice for the role of the oldest evil sister. Mirren agreed to play the role in his film, which was clearly a fulfillment of a director’s dream. Mirren and Liu deserve the attention they bring to their movie. Shazam! 2It has produced. Previously Levi teased that his new co-stars were awesome and badass, and the movie’s trailer further cemented this idea after Mirren and Liu’s wicked turns exceeded fans’ expectations.

Sandberg can create compelling stories for Mirren and Liu’s characters since they don’t have any DC comics counterparts. And since the director honors the actresses so much, he must have endeavored to develop rich arcs for their characters, ensuring they are counted among the most memorable DCEU villains. Mirren’s and Liu’s DCEU fate is unknown at this time. Shazam! 2, but considering their star power DC and WB might consider crossing them over to other movies or navigating Hespera and Kalypso’s stories in another way. Sandberg’s enthusiasm for the villains in Shazam! Fury of GodsThis only increases the anticipation for the movie. It also indicates that Mirren’s and Liu’s performances will be the most entertaining elements of the film when it comes out in theatres.

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