Here are the 10 most underrated anime to spice up your To Watch List

The 10 Most Underrated Anime to Spice Up Your To Watch List

It has never been a better moment to be an anime fan than now. It’s a time when brilliant Japanese animation is more easily accessible than ever. We are flooded with amazing anime thanks to streaming services like Crunchyroll and Funimation.

However, this means you have probably seen all of the top anime, including Sailor Moon, Dragon Ball Z and Akira. Attack on Titan, Ranking of Kings and One Punch Man are just a few of the many titles we have. We’re here to bring you some of our favorite anime, some of which are criminally underrated. There’s kaiju. A hit series spinoff you may not have seen, some cult humor, and even a couple unreal anime anthologies that feature shorts from your favorite director.

The Most Underrated Anime To Watch

10. Godzilla Singular Point

Watch out for these peopleNetflix

There are currently three Godzilla canon anime movies on Netflix, but we’re focusing our attention on their kaiju adventure series Godzilla Singular Point. The action takes place Japan in 2030. Strange radio broadcast brings together a small group of children who, along with Jet Jaguar, begin to discover a hidden world full of monsters. This sci-fi adventure includes many famous Toho Kaiju along with the title character. It is sure to delight fans new and old of Godzilla, the king of monsters.

9. Super Crooks

Where to lookNetflix

This Netflix anime series fell a little off the radar when it first launched in 2021. Its unexpected origins as both a prequel comic and an adaptation of a Jupiter’s Legacy manga spinoff comic may have contributed to its low profile. Millar and Lenil Yu’s Super Crooks is a far better Netflix’s live-action take on Mark Millar’s Frank Quitely comic. It tells a slick Ocean’s Eleven-style heist story. Instead of being the adorable underdogs in that story, our thieves become some of the most evil supervillains in the world. Johnny Bolt is the leader of the crew, a wannabe supervillain who gets involved in all manner of criminal shenanigans to find their feet within the super-villainy/super-thievery world.

Please read our Review of Super Crooks.

8. Mermaid’s Scar

This anime romance horror story is based upon Rumiko Takahashi’s Mermaid Saga manga. According to these legends, anyone who eats flesh from a Mermaid is granted the gift (or curse!) of immortality. But there’s also a side. However, not everyone who eats it retains their human form. They become monsters more often than not. Mermaid’s Scar is Yuta and Mana who are wanderers with a connection to the mermaids. Their peaceful, but troubled lives are disrupted when they arrive in a new city where they hear about rumors of a person who might have eaten the magical flesh. There’s nothing quite like Mermaid’s Scar.

7. Summer Wars

Where to lookFunimation

Mamoru Hosoda, the legendary director, followed up his sci-fi romance The Girl Who Leapt Through Time by presenting this 2009 story about a malicious artificial Intelligence and the high school student who must stop it from causing havoc around the world. Kenji is a mix of the real world of growing up and the exhilaratingly rendered online action. We follow him as he attempts to stop Love Machine, the sentient virus that he accidentally unleashed. This is a unique and original take on the teen movie, driven by innovative animation.

6. The N-H-K is your welcome

Where to lookFunimation

Satou, who lived his entire life as a close-in, has transformed into a hikikomori. His small apartment walls and belief in a conspiracy by the N-H-K, Japan’s public TV station, define his days. He meets Misaki, a beautiful girl who convinces him to sign a contract and learn how to live outside. When an old high school friend moves into the apartment next to him, things take a bizarre turn. The N-H-K is a tragedy-comedy masterpiece!

5. Thus Spoke Kishebe Rohan

Where to lookNetflix

It’s difficult to express how much this JoJo’s Bizarre Adventures spinoff has been fun. Rohan is a mangaka who was first introduced to Jojo in Diamond is Unbreakable’s third season. Spoke Kishebe Rohan then takes him from that sprawling series into a terrifying world of horror. Each tale is darkly comical and features unique take on classic horror tropes. It all revolves around the cartoonist who is a bit too outrageous and his renowned fashion sense. This show needs more episodes.

4. The Melancholy Of Haruhi Szumiya

Where to look: Funimation

This show is hilarious, sweet, silly, and a unique adaptation of the light novels that share the same name. The story follows the title character, a first-year high school student who longs for more strangeness in her life. Kyon is our in-character. He finds himself reluctantly pulled into a web madness by Suzumiya when he sits next to him on the first day. They found a club called SOS Brigade to help them search for aliens and espers at their school and elsewhere. Haruhi, Kyon and all three supernatural people are closer than they think. They’re all very interested Haruhi.

3. Robot Carnival

Where to look: Prime Video

This forgotten gem features one of the greatest opening sequences ever made, when the robot carnival arrives in town. The animated, mostly dialogue-free anthology offers delightfully animated takes on Frankenstein, City Pop-style cyborg romance, evolution of man and many more. This anthology is a masterpiece of experimentation and finesse, giving viewers something to chew on. This is a wonderful anime treat, with stories by Katshuhiro Okumo and music by Joe Hisaishi.

2. Space Show – Welcome!

Where to look: Prime Video

Welcome to the Space Show is one of the most memorable anime movies of 2010. It takes a Studio Ghibli-style narrative and throws it into the wilds space with a psychedelic visual flair. A group of elementary school students travels to the forest in search of a schoolhouse that is empty. They enjoy a peaceful escape, but they are disturbed when they encounter a wounded dog in the woods. After helping the pup to heal, he divulges his true nature: an alien space-travelling alien who takes them along a joyous journey.

1. Memories, “Magnetic Rose”

Where to lookTubi

The cult anthology of anime features three sci-fi stories written by Satoshi Kon, and Katsuhiro Okomo. Although the entire movie is worth the effort, the standout film is Magnetic Rose. Directed by Kōji Morimoto based on a screenplay and story by Kon and Otomo respectively, it’s one of the most atmospheric and beautiful space set stories we’ve ever seen. A spaceship called the Corona responds to an emergency deep in the cosmos. They arrive at a beautiful, but abandoned, space station. The halls of the abandoned space station are haunted by the ghosts of its former owners. Magnetic Rose is a creepy, beautiful, animated and entertaining anthology. It’s worth a look.

What are some other lesser-known anime movies or shows that have slipped under the radar? Let us know in the comments!

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