Hiroshi Motomiya Launches Shin Good Job Manga – News

Hiroshi Motomiya Launches Shin Good Job Manga - News

Omnibus manga launches on Thursday

The 13th issue this year of Shueisha‘s Young JumpMagazine revealed February 24, 2009. Hiroshi MotomiyaLaunches a new manga called Shine Good Job(New Good Job) in Thursday’s issue of the magazine. Similar to his previous issue. Great JobThe new manga will include manga and an omnibus. The new manga will be about characters who “live in this moment.” The first story will feature an unimaginably wealthy protagonist.

Original Great JobThe manga series is an omnibus that covers various occupations. It was launched with the tagline “Tax collectors and deliverymen, nurses… this goes to all the working adults!”

Hiroshi TakanoMotomiya also launched the Great Job manga in Young JumpIt was completed in July 2018 and finished in July 2020.

Motomiya began his career as a manga creator in 1965. Many of his other manga — such as Otoko Ippiki Gaki Daisho, Ore no Sora, Otokogi — have inspired live-action and anime adaptations. His Katsu Fūtarō!!The manga inspired a live action film that was opened in November 2019.

Motomiya’s most popular Salaryman KintaroManga has been a popular subject in Japan for a long time. Shueisha‘s Weekly Young JumpSince 1994. In April 2005, he revived the series and launched several spinoffs. Weekly Young JumpSince 2009. NTT SolmareComicFriends FacebookThe manga was briefly available in English on a -based service, but it closed down in 2012. The manga inspired a live action film directed by Takashi MiikeThere are several live-action dramas and an anime series from 2001. Arts MagicNorth America.

Source: Young JumpIssue 13

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