Hiruzen’s bad decision-making skills are what made everyone miserable

What makes Hiruzen one of the least liked Hokages in Naruto? (Image via Naruto)

Hiruzen was always the black sheep when it comes to Hokages of Hidden Leaf. The Naruto community used to consider Hiruzen a joke.

He is often regarded as one of the worst Hokages to ever hold office in the short history the village. Some of his decisions during his tenure were not good for his cause.

The Third Hokage was often criticized throughout the series for his poor decision-making skills and his inability to do the right thing for the village.

He took some very serious actions, and even sent the Hidden Leaf into ruin.

Some parts of the story were affected by his past actions. Naruto And Shippuden, and therefore in today’s article, we will look at some instances which show that Hiruzen has ultimately failed everyone as a Hokage.

Hiruzen is one of the least loved Hokages. Naruto?

Before going into some of the arguments, it’s important to note here that the list below reflects the writer’s subjective take on the matter. It’s not a universal community consensus, and should not be taken as such.

1) Hiruzen was the worst series protagonist

One of Hiruzen’s biggest sins was to let Naruto grow up in isolation while being shunned by the entirety of the Hidden Leaf. Fans were even more surprised to learn that Minato had requested Hiruzen protect his infant son before he died protecting Kurama village.

Hiruzen was able somehow to keep Naruto safe in his formative years. However, he could not save Naruto from the abuse and cruelty that he suffered from the other villages because he was a Jinchuriki.

For the sake of the plot his difficult childhood was what made him who he is, but many in the community find that it inexcusable for Hiruzen to allow the child of Fourth Hokage go through what he has for years.

It was almost miraculous that Naruto didn’t become Nagato in the story’s progression.

2) His weakness in Orochimaru

Hiruzen always felt a weakness for Orochimaru. He was the first major antagonist to be introduced in the series. He was the one responsible for the destruction and subsequent defection of Sasuke from the village, as he sought more power to help Orochimaru take down Itachi.

Hiruzen had allowed Orochimaru escape before he discovered that he was responsible for the mass kidnappings in the leaf. Hiruzen was still experimenting with the kidnapped and, despite being exposed, Hiruzen allowed his former disciple escape.

He didn’t have the courage to stop Orochimaru. This eventually led to Hiruzen’s suicide and the destruction of the Chunin Exam arc leaf.

3) Danzo is free to roam the streets without a leash

While Danzo may have thought that his actions were for the overall prosperity of the Leaf, his decisions much like that of Hiruzen’s did more harm than good. Danzo’s actions were extreme and he was seen as more bad than Akatsuki and Orochimaru combined.

Even though Hiruzen realized that Danzo’s ways were not right, he seldom did anything to stop him, and let Danzo do as he desired.

Hiruzen let his feelings get the best of him, with his decisions often being overruled and influenced by the village elders. His lack of resolve resulted in the murder of the entire Uchiha family, which led Sasuke to take the dark path towards revenge.

Hiruzen was always opposed to internal conflict in Naruto and would always give in whenever there was an unpopular decision in Naruto.

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