How Black Adam Will Do Justice to Doctor Fate’s Powers

How Black Adam Is Going To Do Justice To Doctor Fate's Powers

Exclusive: Black Adam producers Beau Flynn & Hiram Garcia discuss how DCEU’s film will honor Doctor Fate’s powers.

Black Adam producers Beau Flynn and Hiram Garcia talk about how the DCEU film will do Doctor Fate justice in portraying his powers. One of the most important DCEU films that has been in development for a long time is Black AdamDwayne Johnson is the titular figure. Although many people are familiar with Black Adam, Shazam’s arch-rival and the DCEU iteration, they will be receiving the anti-hero treatment. Black AdamThe film will show Teth-Adam’s tragic origin story and how he transformed into the DC legend fans know and love.

While Black Adam will be an anti-hero in DCEU’s film, he will be seen as a “villain”, to DC Comics most beloved team. The team makes their debut on the big screen. Black AdamJohnson’s character will be upended by the Justice Society of America Golden Age team, also known as the Justice Society of America. The team includes Hawkman and Doctor Fate as well as Atom Smasher and Cyclone. Pierce Brosnan, an iconic actor, will play the role of Doctor Fate. He will be wearing the cape and the gold helmet. Black Adam. The character, who also goes by Kent Nelson, is known as one of the DC Universe’s most powerful magic players, and so there are a lot of expectations surrounding his big screen debut.


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During San Diego Comic-Con 2022, Black Adam producers Flynn and Garcia spoke to Screen Rant at a WB press line. The producers discussed how to honor Doctor Fate’s power-set while promoting DC Films. To both Black AdamProducers felt it was important to respect the comic roots of Brosnan, especially with someone as big as Brosnan behind the helmet. They said:

Beau Flynn: [With]Doctor Fate, let us pay tribute to Pierce Brosnan. Dr. Fate is one of the greatest actors of all time. Fate is a very unique and powerful hero, which people are eager to learn more about.

Hiram Garcia agrees. Hawkman is an amazing character. But the best thing about Fate? We have the technology to take care of him and make sure he is happy. Because Fate is one those characters that can be difficult to manage, you need some technology. To be able show him off and let the fans know how beloved he is. It’s very exciting.

Black Adam 4k Trailer Dr Fate Pierce Brosnan

This will be Doctor Fate’s second live-action treatment. Kent was brought to life by Brent Stait in SmallvilleSeason 9 in the Justice Society storyline. Except for a brief appearance, Doctor Fate is not used in live action. The Helmet of Nabu was featured in the Constantine2014 pilot 2014 pilot StargirlAs part of the former JSA, he was back in season 1. This means that after 12 years, Brosnan’s Doctor Fate will be the biggest take on the character in the live-action medium, hence why it makes sense for the Black AdamHe needs a creative team that takes his abilities seriously.

Doctor Fate has powers that rival Superman’s, and it would be interesting to see if Henry Cavill plays the DCEU hero again in the future. Black Adam. It is even possible to say that Doctor Strange to the MCU is Doctor Fate for the DCEU moving forward, especially in the realm of magic. It is therefore important that Black AdamMake sure Doctor Fate is properly depicted onscreen in order to emphasize his power. It seems that the creative team has already done this. While there are no concrete plans yet for what Warner Bros. will do with the JSA after Black Adam, if Kent gets his own DC spinoff, they could explore the complex aspects of the Helmet of Nabu and the greater mythology that exists with Doctor Fate.

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