How to Plant Seeds in Dinkum

How To Plant Seeds in Dinkum

The seeds in Dinkum enable players to grow a variety of crops and plants, which can then be sold for Dinks. Earning specific licenses is required to unlock farming.

Dinkum is a new farming Indie Game recently released on Steam’s Early Access, where players can plant seeds to grow crops. Fans might be surprised to find that the ability to plant seeds is not unlocked at the beginning, unlike many other games in this genre. Instead, farming in Dinkum requires access to tools, which can only be purchased after earning specific licenses.

The gameThe players can choose how they want to progress on their journey. Additionally, players have the option to create their own community. Similar to other games like Stardew ValleyAlthough there are no clear paths, farming is an integral part of the overall picture. Dinkum. You can use seeds for growing crops and earning Dinks, the game’s currency. Additionally, you can unlock certain Milestones with seeds.


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Farming in Dinkum A Shovel or Hoe are sufficient to accomplish this task. These tools can be purchased from John and Rayne, respectively, after buying the Excavation License and the Farming License. Each license will cost 750 Permit points. These points can be earned by completing Milestones within the Handbook. Players will pay 900 Dinks for the Shovel, while 800 Dinks for the Hoe.

How to Plant Seeds in Dinkum

Dinkum Chopping Trees

In DinkumRayne allows players to purchase random seeds each day. Alternatively, bushes, trees, and grass provide a natural way to gather seeds. To purchase an axe and begin cutting down trees for materials, you must have a Logging License. These seeds are planted in the holes dug by the Shovel. The Shovel should be used again to cover the seeds. The Hoe can be used to plant crops that can earn Dinks. To till the soil, click on the right-click button. Drop a seed on the soil and use the Hoe again to plant the item. Only one seed may be used in each case. Crops in Dinkum You must water your plants with a watering container. Rain will give you the same benefit and frees you up to do other things like crafting or building.

Dinkum combines many elements from other games in the same genre. This title adds an Australian survival setting to a farming simulator. While building their town, players will be fighting kangaroos and crocodiles while also taking care of Giant Wombats. This is a unique setting that offers fun and excitement. Dinkum Apart from the competition.

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Dinkum Available on PC

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