IDW’s Brutal Nature Gets Adult Animated Series Adaptation at Ánima

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Ánima strikes a deal to develop an adult animated series based on IDW Publishing’s Brutal Nature by Luciano Saracino and Ariel Olivetti.

IDW Entertainment has officially entered a development deal with Ánima, the leading animation studio in Latin America. Under this deal, IDW and Ánima will develop and produce an adult animated series based on IDW Publishing’s comic book series Brutal NatureLuciano Saracino & Ariel Olivetti created ‘,

Brutal NatureThe “collection of masks that transform young men into uncountable beasts or monsters” is the focus. Saracino and Olivetti created the animated series. Fernando De Fuentes and José C. García de Letona of Ánima are producing alongside the IDW team. Saracino & Olivetti produced the original comic for four issues in 2016. It features Ich, the main character, using the ancient power and magic of the masks to wage war against the Spanish empire.

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“We’ve always been big fans of what Ánima has been doing in the animation space, so we are thrilled with their passion for partnering on Brutal NaturePaul Davidson, executive vice president of IDW Entertainment, said that the company is “very excited about it.” “Their sensibilities can truly expand the amazing universe that Luciano Saracino created with Ariel Olivetti.”

“Working with IDW to develop such a unique project is really exciting,” added the aforementioned Garcia de Letona, Ánima’s COO. “Brutal NatureIt will allow us to continue building high quality stories with a Latin sensibility. We can’t think about a better partner to do this.

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IDW’s Latest Screen Project Is Brutal Nature

You can, of course. Brutal NatureIt will not be IDW’s first comic-to-screen adaptation. IDW Entertainment is currently producing the live-action Netflix series. Locke & KeyBased on the IDW comic of same name by Joe Hill & Gabriel Rodriguez. Locke & KeyIt has already produced two seasons and will be launching a third in just a few more days. IDW Entertainment produces the show. Surfside GirlsThe live-action show, titled “The Message”, will premiere on Apple TV+ in August 19. The basis of the live-action series is the Surfside GirlsKim Dwinell has created a series of graphic novels, which are published under the imprint Top Shelf Productions of IDW Publishing.

Meanwhile, Ánima is currently celebrating its 20th year as a Latin American animation powerhouse. Recently, the studio teamed up with DC and Warner Bros. Aztec Batman: Clash of EmpiresThe Dark Knight is reimagined as an Aztec warrior fighting for his homeland against invaders in Anima’s animated film, titled. Some of Ánima’s other projects include Cleo & Cuquin, Brave BunniesAnd Space Chickens.

Source: IDW Entertainment and Ánima

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