Image Comics’ Step by Bloody Step #4

Image Comics' Step by Bloody Step #4

  • step by bloody step #4 cover

    Step by Bloody Step #4

    Si Spurrier

    Matias Bergara

    Cover Artist:
    Matias Bergara, Matheus Lopes

    Image Comics


    Release Date

    Matheus Lopes

The grown-ups have the responsibility of caring for and nurturing a child when he or she first enters the world. Guardians come in many different sizes and shapes, including those who wear enormous metal armor that has a tendency to be violently overprotective. Step into the hauntingly gorgeous world of Step by Step Bloody StepImage Comics: A young child and her guardian embark upon an epic journey through feuding Hellscapes and rolling grasslands. Si Spurrier wrote the story with illustrations by Matheus Lopes, Matias Bergara, and Jim Campbell. Jim Campbell also contributed letters. Step by Step Bloody Step#4 speaks volumes without having to use a single word.

Step by Step Bloody Step#4 offers the young girl her first taste in comfort, before taking everything away and turning her life upside down. In an evil plan to kill two birds with the same stone, the evil King pits his giant protector against his orc friends. The king and his cronies are celebrating in their tower. The man who was used as bait for the plot apologizes to the girl. He hands her the gauntlet, the last piece of her guardian. He drags it along with her to the destination where a great, single tree welcomes her.

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In literature and pop culture, there are many stories about a silent masked hero who protects a child with mystical abilities. But Step by Step Bloody Step#4 surprises the audience with shocking twists and subverts their expectations. Spurrier and Bergara have collaborated before. John Constantine: HellblazerAnd CodaThis emotional ending to their fairy tale adventure is provided by their parents. It is gone, the tender feelings of warmth, as the fires and fury push the young girl across cold terrains, not knowing what her future holds. Although she has learned a terrible lesson in the most cruel way, her determination to finish her guardian’s mission speaks volumes of her character. The story manages to build tension without using any dialogue.

It can seem that comic books are more of an artist’s medium these days than a writer’s in this age. Step by Step Bloody Step#4 is like a fresh breath that allows the illustrator the freedom to dictate the pace of his narrative. Bergara’s large panels, even amid the destruction and ruin, bring out the adventure nature of the book. To add a magical element to the proceedings, Bergara does an outstanding job framing objects from their natural environment. Bergara can explore the emotional range of each character without any distractions or influences, as there is no text to distract him. Matheus Lopes, a colorist, goes wild with an incredible array of colors. He jumps from one landscape to the next like a manpossessed. This is a rare example of how colors can complement art so well.

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With the determination of a fighter’s spirit, Step by Step Bloody Step#4 brings the story to a close by bringing back its characters just as things get out of control. The previous issue taught the girl trust but her latest trial teaches the girl to be just as stubborn as her guardian. Spurrier and Bergara have once again created an emotional rich classic that’s timeless and visually appealing. The art transports the reader into a wonderful world, reminiscent of Studio Ghibli movies. However, it also has a dark side which adds intrigue and excitement. Step By Bloody Step#4 is a great final issue in this creative and beautiful series.

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