Industry grieves the loss Kazuki Takahashi (Yu-Gi-Oh Manga creator) – Interest

Industry Mourns the Loss of Yu-Gi-Oh Manga Creator Kazuki Takahashi - Interest

Fans and members of the industry are reacting to recent news about the death Yu-Gi-Oh! manga creator Kazuki Takahashi. The artist, who was 60 years old, was declared dead by the Japan Coast GuardThe Coast Guard reported that snorkeling gear was worn by several people off the coast of Nago, Okinawa, on July 6. The Coast Guard said NHKTakahashi was the only person who visited the area.

The news quickly spread to social media and news outlets including news outlets. The Washington Post, BBC?, NBC. Takahashi’s peers, friends, and fans shared their memories with him. His work was a portal to anime, manga and comic fandom, as well as a beacon for hope during difficult times in their lives.

Hajime no IppoCreator George MorikawaHe was also close friends with the late BerserkCreator Kentarou Miura, ShareFollow his Twitter account to share his memories about Takahashi.

Morikawa said that Takahashi was “Kazuo Takahashi”. Takahashi was born Takahashi, but he wrote under the penname of “Kazuo”.

“We were close friends, because our [manga]Our debuts were close, and we shared the same editor. We were also mahjong friends. He was an exceptional artist from the beginning, but he didn’t have the spirit of conquest. He wasn’t obsessive about selling copies. Morikawa stated that Takahashi had said to Morikawa that while they were struggling to make ends meet, he would “go make some cash at.” Jump.” Morikawa believed Takahashi’s flashy art would make a great match. Shonen JumpBut it was not easy.

Both were busy working on the same thing. Yu-Gi-Oh! Hajime no IppoTakahashi and Morikawa called each other on the phone to ask for advice. Morikawa said Takahashi had been considering opening a studio, and that he let Morikawa know how much he had made. Morikawa wrote, “It wasn’t just pocket money.” But he stated that Takahashi maintained a humble attitude about it all, and didn’t appear like a huge shot who won the lottery.

Morikawa last heard Takahashi several years ago. He wanted to play mahjong with Takahashi again.

Morikawa wrote, “I suppose you were really the King of Games.”

Seto Kaiba voice actor Kenjiro TsudaForgoed telling an anecdote, and instead shared an image from the famous Yu-Gi-Oh!card Blue-Eyed Blue Dragon

Marvel Entertainment, publisher Takahashi’s Takahashi’s Secret ReverseA manga about Spider-Man & Iron Man going to Japan to defeat an evil gaming magnate was shared a message.

The Yu-Gi-Oh!Trading card game:

In memory of Mr. Kazuki Takahashi
We are shocked and saddened by the sudden death of Mr. Kazuki Takahashi.

We are grateful for your wonderful “Yu-Gi-Oh!“We are thinking of him and the universe he created.

Together, with his fans, we promise to continue the “Yu-Gi-Oh!“Living your legacy with all the love, care and respect it deserves.

Voice actress Megumi Okata, who played Yūgi Mutō in the 1998 series shared that she heard it was Takahashi who first recommended her for the role.

“The second season saw a huge audience rating, and the trading cards were a hit. The movie version was also decided. The cast worked together and overcome many obstacles to create this unforgettable work. Thank you, Takahashi-sensei. From the bottom of my heart, I pray for you soul.”

Yu-Gi-Oh!Director of animation and animator Takahiro KagamiTweeted:

I read the Obituary at noon. What can you say… It was like I felt cut off from some part of myself. I believe the existence of “Yu-Gi-Oh!“, “Kazuki Takahashi” merged together with me.
We are grateful. Kazuki Takahashi-sensei.
But I’m sure I’ll continue to be of assistance to you in the future.

Last year, he told me that when the corona virus has calmed down, he would like to have dinner with me. Similar to the launch of DSOD [Yu-Gi-Oh!: The Dark Side of Dimensions]I was so inspired by his passion and positivity that I felt energized listening to him. So I decided to have another conversation with him.

Voice actor Tetsuya Iwanaga(Malik Ishtar). He wrote that Takahashi told him the first time that he met Takahashi that he didn’t initially have a voice for Dark Malik. However, after hearing Iwanaga’s voice, Iwanaga suggested that he draw the character with Iwanaga’s rendition in mind.

“I was truly happy. He wrote, “I pray from the bottom my heart that he rest in peace.”

Voice actor Haruhi NanaoMai Kujaku said that she hadn’t yet processed the news and will “lock” it away in a place in her heart for a while.

Hiroki Takahashi (voice of Katsuya Jōnōchi) simply expressed his gratitude.

Voice actor Eric Stuart(English voice over of Seto Kaiba), posted a photo of him and Yugi’s voice actor Dan Greenon Facebook and shared a heartwarming story: “So Dan, I was performing one of our Yu-Gi-Oh!We were invited to live duels, and were told by Sensei that he wanted to meet us. It was thrilling that Sensei was there to witness the event. I asked him what the protocol would be. Were we to shake hands, bow and speak? He is the creator of the show. However, we were told to play it by ear’ and follow his lead. After we got the bows and awkward “normal” photos out of the way I then asked him ‘Hey, do you want to do an Anime pose with us like we do with the fans?’ The translator opened his eyes wide and told Sensei. He smiled, and said “YES!” Here’s the famous photograph. This photo is not only the creation of Yu-Gi-Oh!Like us all, a fan. RIP. Love, Kaiba.”

Voice actor Veronica TaylorMira Tsukumo and Carly Carmine wrote the following tweet: “This shockingly sad news. The talent and influence of Kazuki TakahashiThey have played an important role in our lives for so many years. We will all be able to carry his memory as we deal with this terrible loss. His family and those who were fortunate enough to have worked with him, my sincere condolences.”

Voice actor Lisa Ortiz(Serenity Wheeler wrote: “Saddened to the death Kazuki Takahashi. Yu-Gi-Oh! was a great part of my life & formative years in this industry. His amazing work touched so many lives and I felt blessed. May he rest in peace.

Voice actor Cassandra LeeMorris (Tori), wrote: “RIP Kazuki TakahashiThank you for your creation. Yu-Gi-Oh!I will always be grateful for the wonderful memories, and am still amazed that I was part of them. Your spirit will continue to live in the hearts of the cards.

Takahashi’s fans are also sharing Takahashi’s story CommentHis hope is that his readers will exercise their right of vote. This was evident in his publications including his anti-war stance. art exchangeAmerican comics artist Mike Mignola discusses his passion for games and how it would bring people together understandEach other.

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