Is Jigen Stronger Than Boruto?

How Strong is Jigen From 'Boruto'?

Image via Tokyo TV

Since the launch BorutoIn the midst of all this, more powerful characters have emerged. NarutoJigen is the most popular franchise.

The Isshiki vessel first appeared in chapter 15 or episode 179.

Fans may be asking themselves the big question: How powerful is Jigen? While that is a loaded question, here’s everything we know.

How Strong is Jigen From Boruto?

Image via Tokyo TV

Jigen is a very powerful character. Without doubt, he is one of our strongest characters. But, he’s not the most powerful.

Most of Jigen’s power comes from being Isshiki’s vessel and using this strength he was able to battle and defeat both Naruto and Sasuke at the same time. Jigen has the ability to shrink himself and other items, making them more useful as shields against enemy attacks. 

These items can be summoned from the pocket dimension by Jigen at his will, and they can be used in battle. Jigen can also create black rods that drain enemy chakra. He can summon large quantities of these rods in order to immobilize his foes at the height of his power.

Jigen, outside of Ninjutsu is an admirable hand-tohand fighter with remarkable speed and strength. Of course, the Kama seal boosts the power of all of Jigen’s attacks as he takes in more of the power that Isshiki possesses.

As the BorutoThe anime continues characters continue to get stronger and while Jigen is an admirable name for the moment, each new reveal is starting to surpass his strength.

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