Is the Sakuragi Boss Going Moe?

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The Yakuza’s Guide to babysitting This is a delightful comedy anime that will air in the Summer 2022 anime seasons. It stars Kirishima Toru, a Yakuza enforcer, and his new mission: to babysit Yaeka’s little girl and learn something. Toru already responds well to the mission and even admitted his weaknesses once.

Toru is making great progress as a Loid Forger-style foster parent. Yakuza Yaeka’s real father, Sakuragi Kazuhiko is still in his thoughts. Although he may be the powerful and intimidating boss of Sakuragi’s crime family, this anime is not a true crime story. The Yakuza Kazuhiko also sees the need to soften it, which is a great look.

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How a character can become a gap moe

The overall story of The Yakuza’s Guide to babysitting This anime’s title reflects the “gap moe” trend in anime/manga. The Japanese term moe can refer to any fictional character or animal that has serious cuteness. This is something fans will love and protect. You can find many examples. Demon Slayer‘s Nezuko Kamado to My Hero AcademiaIt’s Eri, but moe may not be so simple.

Gap moe is a trend that describes characters who are tough and scary on the outside, but soft, cuddly, and more traditional moe on their inside. It all comes down to the contrast between the character’s personality and exterior. Concepts like “gentle giant” and “tsundere can be very similar. With their tone, setting and premise, even entire anime series can feel like gap moe. The Yakuza’s Guide to babysitting One example is the one above.

Kirishima Toru is the one who best embodies the gap-moe concept. YakuzaBeing a violent, scary mobster, he must put aside his criminal lifestyle and become a caring babysitter for Yaeka. He also needs to embrace the more wholesome aspects of life. This is a trend that extends to his fellow mobsters and friends, such as Kei, his blonde friend. He ended up getting his long, blond hair tucked into girly pigtails once. Kazuhiko, a tough crime boss on the outside but a loving parent on the inside, joins the gap moe movement. Kazuhiko may play it cool like a somewhat hotheaded kuudere but biologically he is. YakuzaHe is’s Best Father, and he continues to show that side of him every day. Although he wouldn’t like people to point it out as it could threaten his reputation of a no-nonsense kingpin it’s true.

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How this could impact Sakuragi Kazuhiko’s Character Arc

As expected, Toru will feel the most impact from the gap moe trend. He has the most potential for character growth, and is still getting used babysitting, while Kazuhiko can be used to being parent. Kazuhiko can still grow and change as a gap-moe character. Over time, however, Kazuhiko will be able to become a better person. Yakuza His character could be softened and emphasized as a father figure who splits his time between many things. He may order strikes on rivals, or oversee smuggling activities. Sometimes he will accept a drawing by his daughter in crayons and visit his wife Miyuki, who is currently in hospital. Antics like these are more amusing than bizarre if the anime is actually gap moe.

This trend could be further accelerated by the anime. Kazuhiko is already making changes, as shown in Episode 3 where Yaeka convinced her father to forgive them for breaking an antique pot. Evidently, Kazuhiko would make his subordinates pay for their mistakes in the old days. But not this time. Yaeka has become more expressive and confident with Toru looking after them. In turn, Yaeka’s newfound confidence is influencing her father. Kazuhiko wanted to teach Toru a positive lesson through this babysitting gig. But the best teachers learn from others. This is what may prevent Kazuhiko becoming a supporting character. Now that he has all the ingredients for a gap moe, it’s time to do something with them.

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