John Boyega Responds To MCU Casting Rumors

John Boyega Responds To MCU Casting Rumors

John Boyega, star of Star Wars and The Woman King, denies rumors that he is joining the huge Marvel Cinematic Universe franchise.

Actor John BoyegaHe responds to rumors he would be playing a role in the future MCU. He has had a long career as a star in the film industry. His breakout role in Joe Cornish’s science-fiction horror movie Moses was his breakthrough role. Attack the Block. This allowed Boyega to secure a key role in the eagerly awaited Star WarsThe sequel trilogy stars Finn (FN-2187), a former First Order stormtrooper, who joins General Leia Ora and the rag-tag Resistance in their fight against the powerful resurgent Imperial. Many speculate if Boyega will ever be a part of Marvel’s vast cinematic shared universe, with his career on an unending rise.


Boyega’s possible joining of the MCU has been rumored for many years. Boyega has been repeatedly questioned about his possible joining of the new MCU. BladeThe actor claimed that he would not accept the role of lead actor in the film and instead denied rumors. Blade.In 2018, Boyega sparked rumors about a possible appearance in the franchise by claiming that he had discussed a possible MCU role with Marvel executives. Unsubstantiated reports have surfaced that Boyega may have secretly filmed a cameo. Recent comments by Boyega may have put an end to the Marvel buzz.

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A recent interview was conducted with Men’s healthBoyega refuted rumors that the actor would be joining MCU. Boyega stated that he does not have plans to join the MCU and that he would rather spend his time on other projects. “nuanced”Independent media and projects. Below is Boyega’s speech.

“That’s not in the vision for me now. I’m looking for nuanced projects. I want to donate my services to original indie films that come with new, fresh ideas, because I know it’s real hard to top Iron Man in that universe.”

Boyega’s comments seem to indicate that he is against the actor being part of the MCU at all. His phrasing makes it possible for him to form a partnership with Marvel Studios. Boyega has previously spoken out against Lucasfilm, Disney and their poor handling of their first black lead. Star WarsFilm, but the company might not want to hire him to another of their huge franchises.

Boyega denied that he was part of the MCU. However, it is possible that he might return to the superhero franchise in some future episodes. Before Spider-Man has no way homeAfter the film’s release, a behind-the-scenes footage showed Andrew Garfield reprising the role of Amazing Spider-Man in MCU. Following the leak, the actor strongly denied being involved in the film. However, the actor was able to confirm that he was involved in the film. There is no way homeAfter’s release, it became clear that Garfield was actually in the film and that the filmmaker lied to the media to preserve the integrity of the film. Although unlikely, it is possible. BoyegaHe is lying to protect a secret MCU position. It is uncertain if the actor will be able to join Marvel’s expanding cinematic universe in the near future.

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Source: Men’s health

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