Joker Officially Reborn in The DC Universe

Joker Is Officially Reborn In The DC Universe

DC’s Flashpoint Joker is back as an unsettling version of the Clown Prince of Crime.

Warning! Flashpoint Beyond #4 Spoilers by DC Comics

The Flashpoint universe, Batman has just discovered the true identity of the Clockwork Killer, as his previously believed dead wife, Martha Wayne, has returned as the Joker. In Flashpoint Beyond #4 DC Comics: Thomas Wayne is the one who makes the breakthrough in identifying the culprit for the deaths of villains and heroes who can manipulate the time. It turns out that the killer is closer than he thought to Batman. Flashpoint’s Joker.

The Flashpoint universe came to be when Barry Allen went back in time to save his mother from being murdered by the Reverse-Flash, resulting in the DC universe changing into a much darker world. After Bruce’s death by Joe Chill, Thomas Wayne assumed the role of Batman in the new timeline. Martha Wayne was driven insane by the loss of her son. She would eventually become an insane woman. Flashpoint’s Joker. However, The Joker  committed suicide after learning the truth about Bruce from the main timeline, becoming the Dark Knight. The villain is now back in very dark circumstances.


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In Flashpoint Beyond #4 by Geoff Johns. Jeremy Adams. Tim Sheridan. Xermanico. Romulo Fajardo Jr.. Jordie Bellaire. Rob Leigh from DC Comics. Thomas Wayne’s search for the Clockwork Killer leads to him discovering a new gear in the body of Eobard Thawne. Dexter Dent, who robbed Robin’s suit and broke into Arkham Asylum for his mother Gilda Dent (2-Face), was shocked to see him team up with The Joker as he attempts to unravel the mystery. Martha Wayne somehow came back to life in the Flashpoint timeline. Thomas Wayne discovers that the Clockwork Killer gear he found was actually taken from Wayne Manor’s clock.

Joker Martha Kent Flashpoint Beyond

Martha Wayne’s resurrection from the dead is quite surprising, since The Joker had died in previous years. Flashpoint stories. The time-travel shenanigans, however, and theFlashpointThe universe’s unexpected return suggests that Batman’s wife was also brought back from the grave at the same moment as reality was restored. Martha may also have a reason for killing time-traveling villains and heroes, since she might be keeping Thomas Wayne’s Batman away from seeing him, just as she regards the Dark Knight as her greatest enemy. The Clockwork Killer might see severing her son’s connection as her ultimate mission.

Martha Wayne’s Joker has taken the role of the Clockwork Killer and is doing everything to ensure Thomas Wayne doesn’t see him again. It should make for quite the confrontation when the former partners meet again, as BatmanThey will most likely have to kill him JokerBruce can always see him if he wants. Flashpoint Beyond#4 from DC Comics is available in comic book shops now.

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