Josei Anime: 10 Best for Fans Who Love Magic

Images feature Gojyo, Sanzo, Goku, and Hakkai (Saiyuki), Wakasa and Tatsumi (Merman in my Tub), and Dantalion (Devils and Realist)

Josei anime does not include magic, but focuses more on realistic storylines. Adult female fans love a few supernatural themes, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they don’t enjoy them. Some fans feel that realism limits creativity and can be too much. However, magic can go as far as the imagination will allow.

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A few josei titles go into the world of magic. Some are funny and light-hearted while others explore more serious topics, such as war, crime, politics and death. They have created captivating stories that will keep josei fans coming back for more.

10 Vampire fans get exactly what they want with Servamp

Mahiru is no longer able to live a normal life. He must work with Kuro, a vampire. Tsubaki, a fellow vampire plans to make war on their brethren. Kuro wants to stop this chaos. Unknowingly, the two form a blood contract that binds them as “master” and “servant,” and they embark on a magical journey to preserve peace.

Vampires can be a draw for women, especially if they are female. It was successful in Western media such as movies like TwilightTelevision shows such as Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Anime like Vampire Knight Seraph of the EndThey also attract large numbers of women. The same is true for women. ServampAnother anime about vampires that aired was titled “Vampire-related anime”, which aired in 2016. Like Seraph of the End Buffy, ServampIt has magic elements, but a battle-oriented plot

9 Karneval Has Politics, Science Fiction, & Magic Mixed Into Its Plot

While performing as circus performers, the military organization “Circus,” also known as “Circus,” puts on shows all over the globe while their operatives search for information about “Kafka,” an illegal group involved in genetic research. Circus’ mission is reaffirmed by two boys who become honorary members. But Nai, an amnesiac boy has suspicious ties with Circus’ principal enemy.

Josei anime have realistic plotlines and are not afraid to explore science fiction, magic or politics. But Karneval This is a rare exception in this instance, since it uses a mixture of all three to build its world.

8 07-Ghost Pits the Church Against A Corrupt Empire

Teito goes to a military academy, only interested his Eye of Mikhail. This magical talisman is responsible for his destruction of his homeland. After attacking a professor he suspects of his father’s death, he runs. Teito seeks refuge in a church, where a group bishops decide to protect him from his pursuers.

07-GhostThe magic-based world-building of Teito, his fascinating characters and gothic aesthetics are enough to draw josei lovers. However, Teito’s story as a rare magic user will keep josei fans interested in learning more.

7 Hakuoki’s Magic is Tied to A Mysterious Elixir

Chizuru is desperate to find out the whereabouts of the doctor who created this. Chizuru follows clues to the Shinsengumi, and disguises herself to become a man to join them. Upon discovering that she’s a female, the Shinsengumi members keep her around to learn more about the doctor’s goal and the Furies his elixir created.​​​​​​​

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It is a strange combination to have Vampire-like creatures mixed with Meiji-era Japan. HakuokiIt worked. This series is powered by the coveted Water of Life, which can be drank to transform bloodthirsty monsters into “Furies.”

6 Every Magic Fan’s Watch List Should Include Devils and Realist. It is a slightly spooky, but hilarious addition.

William, a young aristocrat discovers about his family’s bankruptcy. He’s a brilliant genius but he needs money to pay for his tuition. He accidentally summons Dantalion, an evil demon, to help him become the interim king and queen of hell. Dantalion is furious, but William doesn’t care, because he doesn’t believe in demons. He also wants nothing to have to do with them.

Fans of anime who are looking for something a little more supernatural will love this series. Realists and devils. The anime combines supernatural and occult themes in a Victorian-era setting.

5 Merman in My Tub: Magical Chaos

Tatsumi, a high school student, saves Wakasa from drying in a polluted river. Tatsumi allows him to live in his bathtub. Tatsumi doesn’t seem to be too bothered by the unusual circumstances and is gradually getting used his new roommate. But things quickly get out of control when his fellow mermen start frequenting the apartment.

Magic has no explanation or source in some supernatural anime. It exists regardless of whether people are aware of it. Merman in My TubOne of these animes is “The Secret Life of Dogs”, but viewers don’t need much explanation. It’s too lighthearted to be taken seriously.

4 Time-Travel & Magic Are Primary Elements In Norn9

Sorata, a young boy from India, stumbles upon the high-tech ship. It takes him back to 1919 with a number of magical towns. The story alternates between the 11 travelers aboard. Each character has a unique magic ability that helps to create the world Sorata discovers.

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Norn9It is both a magical and time-travel anime. This rare combination makes it a unique one. The anime features multiple perspectives of characters, many of which are trapped on the ship “Norn9”.

3 Code: Steampunk Meets Magic

Cardia, the protagonist, is unable to come near anyone because of a deadly poison which melts everything she touches. Her father knows nothing about the reason her body behaves like this, but it’s enough to keep her from being exposed to the outside world. Cardia is captured by a group of soldiers, but a handsome thief saves her. He is willing and able to help Cardia locate her father, as well as find a treatment.

The abilities that the cast members have are the only ones with supernatural powers, however, Code: RealizeIt’s still an excellent choice for magic anime fans. Like 07-GhostThe otome anime shares a similar aesthetic to the manga, but it also features steampunk aesthetics in the character designs and world-building.

2 Saiyuki is based on an ancient Chinese novel

Sanzo, a chain-smoking priest must join forces with three demons in order to stop an old demon from resurrecting. He doesn’t usually team up with demons because humans don’t interact anymore with them. But he needs all the help that he can get.

The historical-supernatural hybrid SaiyukiYou can loosely adapt Journey to the WestThe 16-century Chinese classic is rewritten with a magical twist. As the novel. SaiyukiThe Chinese folklore and mythology blend together to create a rich mix of magic hijinx.

1 A Heroine Explores Cursed Books At Libra Of Admirari

Hitaki, Tsugumi’s younger brother, is able to survive a suicide attempt but she soon discovers that he was suffering from the cursed tome. She also can see the negative energy around the book. Hitaki isn’t the only one who suffers from the suicide phenomenon. There are many other cases that occur at the same time. Tsugumi joined a specialist organization called “Search Team” in an attempt to find the root cause.

Like Code Realize Norn9, Libra of AdmirariIt is an anime version of the otome game. The storyline also includes magical elements, with the characters having to investigate the truth behind the cursed books that are causing havoc in the town.

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