Kaiju No. 8 Countdown is Teasing a Mysterious Announcement

Kaiju No. 8 Countdown Is Teasing a Mystery Announcement

Shonen JumpIt is well-known for its strong manga library, with titles such as Kaiju No. 8You can see why it has such a strong backing. The series debuted in July 2020 and has been a constant hit ever since its launch under Naoya Mizumoto, its creator. Now, the series teases an unexpected announcement online that will leave everyone asking for an anime.

Twitter was the official Twitter page. Kaiju No. 8A simple message was posted for fans. The message suggests that an announcement is imminent on Friday, Aug 5th at midnight in Japan. Fans have their own theories, though no official word has been released.

Let us not forget: Kaiju No. 8It is a hugely popular manga, and the action-driven story would make for a great anime. An adaptation of Matsumoto’s manga was rumored to be in the works. The big announcement could confirm that such a project is being considered. While fans are able to speculate until the countdown reaches zero here, many netizens think an anime is imminent.

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For those who are not familiar with Kaiju No. 8This means that you will have plenty time to catch up on the series. The manga currently has seven volumes. The sci-fi story takes place in a world where kaiju are a daily threat. The Japanese Defense Force is charged with defeating these creatures. The manga follows two friends who dream about joining the force. But the one who does not complete the program finds that his world has changed after he gains the ability to transform into a Kaiju. They use this ability, to fight monsters and avoid the defense forces. This hit series can be viewed online via Manga Plus and the Shonen Jump apps. A possible anime announcement could follow if all goes as planned!

What do you think of this bizarre countdown? What do you think? Kaiju No. 8 needs an anime ASAP? You can share your thoughts below or contact me via Twitter @MeganPetersCB.

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