Kaiju No. 8’s Kafka & Kikoru Reunion Reminds Fans What They Really Want

Kaiju No. 8’s Kafka & Kikoru Reunion Reminds Fans What They Really Want

Chapter 67 of Kaiju No.8 teases the possibility that Kafka, Kikoru and Mina fans will be pleasantly surprised.

Warning! Warning! Kaiju No. 8Chapter 67

Fans who have been anxiously waiting for Kafka Hibino and Kikoru Shinomiya to reunite in Kaiju No. 8 will most likely be pleased next chapter, but this reunion also reminds them that it’ll probably be quite some time before Kafka finally has a heart-to-heart with his childhood friend and his professional superior Mina Ashiro.

Romance, despite being absent from most action/adventure shoonen these days is still very much in demand. Kaiju No. 8It exists primarily through interactions between Kafka, Kikoru. Their relationship is by no means innovative, but they are based on major character types used by some of the most successful romcoms. Kikoru is a tsundere of sorts as she openly mocks Kafka for his apparent weakness but can’t help but being awestruck over how much he persists regardless, a reaction she tries to hide but normally fails in her endeavors as blushes get through her hard exterior. Kafka plays the archetypal role as the clueless guy with no idea what’s happening. But readers haven’t seen the two together since last year, and the majority of that time has been spent fighting Kaiju No. 9. Due to the significant losses suffered during the ensuing war, the Defense Force divisions were changed up. This effectively separated Kafka from Kikoru, who had previously been in the same Division.


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Now, chapter 67 is written by mangaka Naoya Motomoto. Kafka and Kikoru are reunited. Although they are all alone, the purpose of this chapter is to highlight how Kafka misunderstoodly believed his friends hated Kaiju No. 8 but they actually cared and worried for him all the time. The chapter ends with Kikoru telling Kafka to prepare for training. The next installment will probably focus on Kikoru becoming more powerful after her father’s passing. However, they will hopefully have some cute moments together, not only for the sake their characters but also for action/adventure lovers who have been missing some good romance.

Kaiju No. 8 67 shows a teary eyed Kafka realizing how much of a real dummy he was to think his friends didn't care when he sees all of their concerned text messages on his phone.

But while readers are at least getting a reunion between Kafka and his strong companion Kikoru, they are unfortunately well aware that there won’t be a time for him and Mina anytime soon. In fact, Kaiju No. 8Fans are likely more interested in the outcome of that moment. Kafka suffered greatly at the start of the manga, because Mina was the only one who fulfilled the pact that they had made as children to be part of the Defense Force. He was left to clean up the bodies of the kaiju-killing stars she and others had killed. Kafka’s acceptance into the Defense Force was a huge moment in his life. Although all the attempts Kafka made to get Mina’s attention were unsuccessful, readers once saw Mina laughing after she reprimanded Kafka.

Kaiju No. 8It has been a long journey to the moment when Kafka can speak to Mina on her own and find out what she thinks about everything since their childhood. It has been a while since their relationship was mentioned, but there are still some fans who recall it and eagerly wait for the day when it will return. Some readers who were more desperate may have scanned the chapter 67 picture of Kafka’s SMS folder to see if Mina was one the many people who had text him to ask if he was alright over the several months Kafka wasn’t having his phone. She wasn’t, unfortunately. Kaiju No. 8Fans will need to wait a bit longer.

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