Kakashi’s Ten Strongest Attacks Ranked

hatake kakashi and his perfect susanoo

The sixth Hokage, the copy ninja, or the man with 1,000 jutsu. Kakashi Hatake from the Sharingan is known by many names. This silver-haired, silver-haired Shinobi was introduced very early in Naruto as one of the most powerful ninjas in the world, with the ability to copy any of his opponent’s abilities, he is feared throughout the ninja world.

However, by the end Naruto’sStory: While Kakashi is not the most powerful ninja on the planet, he still displays a variety of powerful attacks that make him one of the most formidable fighters of the series. It’s not surprising that Team 7’s members went on to become some the best ninjas worldwide thanks to his teachings. These are the most powerful attacks Kakashi used throughout his series.

10 Summoning

Although it is not Kakashi’s strongest attack, the Summoning Jutsu is a very useful one. The Summoning jutsu is activated by signing a contract to an animal companion. This allows the user summon these creatures at will.

Kakashi uses his power to summon hunting dogs. This team is used to defeat Zabuza as well as to locate Naruto, Sasuke and Sasuke following their clash in Part One. Indeed, while Kakashi’s use of summoning is pretty tame compared to other characters (Madara summoned the Ten Tails itself somehow), it is still useful and powerful in the right context.

9 Fireball Jutsu

A classic jutsu from the NarutoThis attack is featured in both the anime and manga. This ability is available in many forms. It can be produced by Genin or Kakashi, and it can also produce small fires.

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Kakashi’s Great Fireball Jutsu, which he uses during Naruto and Sakura’s second bell test, is truly a sight to behold. This attack would almost certainly end all shinobi except the most powerful.

8 Lightning Clone

In keeping with Kakashi’s ability to copy other character’s iconic abilities, the clone jutsu is often more closely tied to Naruto himself rather than his masked sensei. The lightning clone, however, is a powerful attack that is only available to Kakashi.

This jutsu is so strong and surprising that Kakashi trusted in it during his epic fight against Pain and his now-iconic fight against Obito. It acts as a trap. When an opponent hits the Clone, they are zapped by a jolt. This attack is both sneaky and powerful.

7 Water Release: Great Waterfall

This attack was first revealed in the early chapters NarutoIt makes everything viewers and readers saw before it look pitiful.

Kakashi’s copy of hundreds of jutsu has included the Giant Waterfall, which sends Zabuza, an assassin from Hidden Mist, hurtling through forests, taking an entire forested forest with him. This attack deserves its place due to how epic it looked at the time of its use, exceeding anything viewers had ever seen.

6 Chidori Beast

The Chidori Beast is perhaps one of the most unique jutsu in Kakashi’s repertoire, and it is equally powerful to boot. Viewers and manga readers alike first saw this attack during Kakashi’s ill-fated battle with Pain, and while it failed to destroy the enemy, it did good damage against him.

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This deserves its own spot on the list because of its uniqueness in comparison to the standard Chidori attacks and the fact Kakashi was so confident with its capabilities that it was used against the most powerful ninjas he faced at that time in his life. Although it’s less versatile than the other forms of lightning blade, this jutsu is still extremely powerful.

5 Part One Sharingan

Kakashi’s Sharingan changes and adapts throughout the series, becoming more powerful over time. The abilities Team 7’s leader has to offer are astonishingly powerful, especially when compared with the many other jutsu that appear throughout the series.

In Part One, Kakashi can instantly copy any jutsu. Kakashi can make any ninja, even the most powerful, fall prey to genjutsu that will torture them for many years. And to think, Kakashi’s eyes would only get more powerful as the story unfolded.

4 Chidori

The lightning blade Chidori is Kakashi’s iconic attack. This attack was developed by the Copy Ninja in an attempt to create a lightning style Rassengan. Kakashi can modify his Chidori to make it more potent, altering its effects and reach as he pleases.

This jutsu may be perfected by Sasuke over time, but it is still a formidable tool for its creator. Kakashi is able to defeat the most powerful ninjas with the Chidori.

3 Rassengan

Similar to Chidori’s, Rassengan is a famous jutsu in Japan. Naruto series. Although Kakashi’s attack is never seen in battle, it is the sheer power of Naruto’sThis signature move is unmatched. Kakashi is able to kill opponents with one hit. It’s truly terrifying that he can use Chidori and this move.

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This attack could have been even more prominent on the Kakashi list if it had been used more often, but it has been able to earn its place in this ranking simply by its strength.

2 Kamui

With just one eye of Kamui, the signature power of Obito’s eye, Kakashi instantly became almost unstoppable. This attack can transport anyone or anything to a pocket dimension and is often Kakashi’s trump card. It is so powerful, it can transport entire Ten Tails.

This attack becomes even more powerful when Kakashi gets Obito’s second eye, allowing him to summon a Perfect Sussanoo. It allows him to inflict severe damage on Kaguya herself. This feat is impossible without Naruto and Sasuke.

1 Perfect Susanoo

This attack, achieved only when Kakashi had both of Obito’s eyes, makes its user almost invincible. Some of the feats achieved by Kakashi’s Perfect Susanoo are truly staggering, making it the legendary shinobi’s most powerful ability by some distance.

Surpassing even Sasuke’s Susanoo, Kakashi can send earth-shattering Kamui projectiles at his enemies with this attack, an ability that essentially guarantees victory for the Copy Ninja the moment he uses it. This attack is truly spectacular.

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