Keanu Reeves & BOOM Studios won SDCC by bringing comic books to Hall H

Comic-Con BRZRKR Hall H

This month, San Diego Comic-Con International celebrated its grand return. Over 130,000 people came from all over the world to celebrate their favorite fandoms. Many of them were inspired by comic books. Despite comics being the inspiration for many movies and TV shows, it is not the comics that make the most impact at conventions like this.

Many people are still speculating on who “won” SDCC 2022. Because there is a wider audience for these projects, it makes perfect sense that streaming and expensive movies are the main focus. It’s always disappointing to see comics completely overshadowed by events like SDCC, which have the word “comic”. Although many people believe that Marvel Studios won this edition of SDCC, it was actually BOOM! Studios for achieving something historic: Making comics the center of Hall H once again. With a little help from the greatest actors on earth, it was possible.

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Hall H is the main venue for SDCC news. It seats over 6,000 people and hosts some of the biggest announcements. Hall H is a favorite spot for celebrities, studios and networks to make announcements, trailers and tease new information in the hope of getting people excited. TheThe convention’s biggest hit. Many fans queue up for hours just to get into the packed room to see presentations from Warner Bros., Marvel Studios and other companies. Dwayne “The rock” Johnson was electrifying as Black Adam. Director and cast of Shazam! Fury of GodsThe trailer for the debut film was also shown. Marvel Studios shared a number of new projects from Phases 5, 6 and some exciting footage from many films. Casts from shows like The Lord of the Rings – The Rings of Power, The SandmanAnd Star TrekThey gathered to discuss their roles and future stories.

Keanu Reeves, one of the most beloved and loved actors in the world, is Keanu. The Matrix, Speed, Point Break, John Wick, Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure The list goes on. This year at SDCC, he wasn’t joining Hall H to act on just one panel. He was there as a co-writer of comic books for the panel “BRZRKR : The Immortal Saaga Continues.” Reeves and his co-writer Matt Kindt can fill Hall H’s 6,000+ seats. But he was joined by Ron Garney, BOOM!, his artist co-writer, and fellow writer Matt Kindt. Editor-In-Chief Matt Gagnon, Executive Editor Eric Harburn, BOOM! Studios President of Development Stephen Christy; and Mattson Tomlin. The screenwriter behind the forthcoming BRZRKR Film feature.

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Reeves updates and information about BRZRKR The big draw was not just the comics, but the opportunity to have comic creators and industry professionals share the stage with such a large audience is huge for the comic book business. A packed audience was treated with a conversation about creating comics as well as a glimpse at future issues. Kindt and Reeves discussed the origins of the series, its development, and the rest of their team shared information about the ongoing process of creating the comic and expanding the universe into other media. Each person in the audience received a poster featuring Garney’s art and clear information about how to start reading it. BRZRKR.

Comic book characters are often celebrated on a stage without ever seeing actual comic art or speaking with the creators. BRZRKR Panel was a good step in the right directions. This should be more common at large conventions.

It’s wonderful that so many people love comic book movies, and shows. But every once in a while, it’s nice for the source material to be given some spotlight. It’s impossible to expect other publishers not to showcase comics at Hall H, but Warner Bros. or Marvel Studios might be able to take some steps to get more attention to the source material and its creators in future presentations. Imagine Zachary Levi telling audiences his favorite comic. Shazam The story was then explained to fans and they were encouraged to purchase it at their local comic shop. If Kevin Feige were to tell comic fans what to read before Phases 5/6, would that be a way for them get more excited about the future Marvel Cinematic Universe? Without comics and their creators, this universe would not exist. It is refreshing to see Hall H celebrate a comic before it explodes in other media.

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It’s obvious that this panel would not have made it to Hall H without Reeves’ help, but let us give credit where it is due. They were primarily focused on comics, with actual professionals from the industry sharing the stage in the largest SDCC presentation space. If even one person was inspired by this presentation to read a comic, I would consider it the panel that “won SDCC.” While people will always be interested in the future Marvel and DC characters, this panel’s focus on comics in SDCC’s largest room deserves greater recognition.

Comic-Con stated, “There have been panels at Hall H that were focused on lines of comics titles. But to our knowledge, there has never been a Hall H panel dedicated solely to one comic title.” As such, BOOM! Studios’ BRZRKR This is an historic achievement. I hope it inspires other studios, publishers, and networks, to find new ways to celebrate what is at the heart of their multimillion dollar projects: comic books. Congratulations, BOOM! Studios.

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