Kevin Smith Recalls Almost Directing Degrassi Movie About Drake’s Jimmy

Kevin Smith Recalls Almost Directing Degrassi Movie About Drake’s Jimmy

EXCLUSIVE! Kevin Smith talks about nearly directing a Degrassi movie after Linda Schuyler sent him a script.

Kevin Smith recalls the moment he almost directed an episode of “The Office.” Degrassi movie. Smith has made it a point to show his appreciation for the franchise, including references to Degrassi in his films ClerksMallratsChasing AmyMore. Smith’s latest movie Clerks III, will see wide release on September 13.

The Degrassi franchise follows an ensemble of teenagers as they deal with the turmoil of adolescence through cultural and social issues that affect young people, earning critical praise and controversy for its realistic depictions of teenagers. This franchise has seen five TV series, many TV-movies and literary adaptations. A revival is planned. DegrassiHBO Max will broadcast the movie “The Killing of Jesse James” in 2023. The Canadian franchise’s longevity and wealth of content have inspired other teen dramas that have come after it, with the HBO Max smash hit EuphoriaReceiving Degrassi Recent comparisons


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Exclusive interview with Screen RantSmith discusses the time that he was offered to direct. Degrassi movie. He says he received a movie script from showrunner Linda Schuyler that featured a Drake’s character Jimmy learning to walk again after being shot in the series. Smith does not give any details about why the project failed, but he says that the storyline was used in the final episode. Read his quote below:

Oh, alright. A Degrassi movie? It’s insane, but it’s what I will tell you. I did get a shot. Linda Schuyler in those days. [she]Degrassi: The Movie was created by my crew and me. Jimmy, who had been filmed the previous seasons, finally got up and began walking. In my Degrassi: The Movie house, I have a script. They ended up doing it on the show. Jay was part of it.

Smith was previously seen in Degrassi: The Next GenerationHe plays a fictionalized version of himself with his long-time comedy partner Jason Mewes. With the upcoming DegrassiSmith still has a chance to direct episodes of the reboot series. This would fulfill his dream. His commitment to it has been a huge help. Clerks IIIHowever, it is unlikely that he would get the opportunity in season 1. But, if the series gets renewed, he could.

Smith has a long list projects that he was almost able to work on. This is just like every director. However, because of the complexity of making movies, Degrassi: The MovieThis is another way that long-time filmmakers have not explored. It is unlikely that it will happen. Degrassi movie would’ve changed the trajectory of Smith’s career, as he’s clearly done well for himself without it, and teen drama is not necessarily in his wheelhouse of R-rated comedies. Smith ended up with many unrealized projects. But his passion for the role was there. DegrassiThey are unmatched and hope to reunite when the new HBO Max series premieres.

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