Kindest Anime Characters

Tohru in Fruits Basket, Tanjiro in Demon Slayer, Luffy in One Piece

The anime series have been a great way to entertain fans with their imaginative stories and epic battles as well as rich, detailed worlds. The best thing about anime is that being kind does not mean that you can’t have the strongest characters in the anime.

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The anime community had the privilege of being inspired and motivated by some the most charismatic, selfless, and inspiring characters ever made. There are many heroes to be found in anime, from action series to shonen animation to the best slice of life anime series. These well-crafted characters are strong, well-meaning and always put others first.

8 Tanjiro Kamado – Demon Slayer

Demon SlayerThe innocent protagonist is a hero in every way. Tanjiro the young is not only one demon slayer, but thanks his kindness he’s also one the most honorable characters in this series.

Tanjiro displayed selflessness and love towards his sister, his family and friends. He also showed kindness towards his demonic foes. He is a beloved anime hero because of his kindness, determination, and extraordinary fighting skills.

7 Megumi Tadokoro – Food Wars

Megumi was a disliked character in the series. Food WarsShe was also one of series’ kindest characters. Megumi was a frustrating character, who struggled with self-confidence. She needed encouragement the most. But she was always there for others.

Although she was a bit clumsy, she was a reliable character and was kind to all. Soma helped her to gradually trust herself, and she was able to provide for herself and others.

6 Luffy – One Piece

One PieceIt is one the most loved anime series of all time, thanks to its incredible characters, plot twists and captivating storyline. The series is full of mysteries that will keep fans guessing. One PieceA vibrant world is even more exciting

Luffy, who is the show’s protagonist and one of the most loved anime characters, is hilarious. He doesn’t care about being good or evil, but he is a friendly guy with a contagious smile. Luffy is compassionate, kind and unlike other pirates. These traits will make him the greatest Pirate King this world has ever known.

5 Mob – Mob Psycho 100

Mob Psycho 100Mob, its most powerful psychic, does a fantastic job of teaching viewers the importance and virtues of being a good person. Mob does all he can to improve his psychic abilities so as to not hurt others.

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Mob is a compassionate and open-minded person who shows compassion for others. Mob had great abilities and was able to accomplish many things. But he never used them to harm others or do evil. Although he was learning to control his emotions and was having trouble coping with them, he was always there to help others.

4 Shouko Nishimiya – A Silent Voice

A Silent VoiceThis is an anime movie with one of most recognizable characters and one of the most inspiring and saddest stories. This anime is full of heartbreaking characters and explores serious themes like bullying, suicide and depression. Shouko, a young girl with deafness, struggles to communicate with her peers and is bullied by her classmates led by Ishida.

Shouko doesn’t give up on her humanity, even when she is in pain. Shouko finally forgives her childhood bully, and the two of them form a strong and loving bond. This beloved anime shows viewers that it is better to forgive than hate and choose love over hatred.

3 Izuku Midoriya – My Hero Academia

My Hero AcademiaThe protagonist of the anime is a kind and strong warrior who helps those in need. Midoriya quickly rose to fame thanks to his strong powers, diligence and selflessness.

Midoriya had already shown courage and willingness to serve others, even before he could use quirk power. These qualities helped him be selected by All Might to become the successor to One For All. Deku’s determination and heartfelt spirit will make him one of the greatest heroes of all times and save many lives.

Edward is not only one the most powerful alchemists, but also one the kindest and caring. Although he can get annoyed easily and likes to be tough, Edward is always willing to sacrifice his life for others.

He is a respected and skilled alchemist, but he doesn’t use his rank or abilities to harm others. This young boy endured many mental and physical hardships but he was compassionate towards his family and all those he encountered on his path to redemption.

1 Tohru Honda – Fruits Basket

Fruits BasketThis anime series is one of the most positive and wholesome, with some very creative characters that are cursed with special abilities. Tohru, an anime character that is kind and compassionate, is responsible for the show’s success. Tohru was a strong woman who showed love for everyone she met, despite having a difficult life.

Her understanding and caring nature allowed her to build strong relationships. However, she tried to make her life better instead of feeling sorry for her. Tohru was a warm, kind, and positive person who helped others become the best version of themselves.

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