Kirawaretai No Manga Adaptation Ended After Allegations Of Tracing Other Manga

Kirawaretai no Manga Adaptation Ends After Allegations of Tracing Other Manga - News

Mashiro Itshiki, Illustrator, is said to have traced art by Suzuka Oda in manga

WBASE’s official Twitter account stated on February 4th that it had canceled serialization and sales of Mashiro Isshiki’s manga adaptation of KomomoHaruno’s. Kirawaretai no ~Kōshoku Ō no Kisaki o Zenryoku de Kaihi Shimasu~(I Want to be Hated Doing Every I Can Not Be the Amorous Kings Consort) Light novels (novel cover pictured right) Due to multiple allegations that manga’s art is tracing art from works created by manga artists Suzuka Oda.

WBASE’s Manga Dock site’s editorial team investigated the allegations and Isshiki questioned the author about the claim. The author admitted that he had traced some drawings and layouts based on Oda’s work. The website decided to cancel the serialization and removed the manga from sale or previewing.

Haruno started serializing the original story at the Kakuyomu site in September 2019. SB CreativeIt published the first volume of light novels with Yukiko’s illustrations in February 2020. The second volume was released in June 2021.

Update: Updated manga title. Thanks, SHD.

Source: WBASE Twitter account via Nijipoi

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