Knight’s & Magic Manga’s ‘1st part’ is finished in two chapters – News

Knight's & Magic Manga's '1st Part' Ends in 2 Chapters - News

In 2016, manga adaptations of light novel series were launched

The fourth issue this year of Square Enix‘s Young GanganMagazine revealed Friday that the magazine’s “first part” Hisago Amazake-noAnd Takuji Katō‘s Knight’s & Magic manga has two chapters remaining. If the manga doesn’t take a break, then the first part of the manga will be finished in the sixth issue. Katō’s author comments indicated that the manga overall will end in two chapters.

Amazon lists the 17th compiled manga book volume as the final volume. On March 25, the 17th volume will be available in Japan.

Katō began the manga adaptation of the light novel series in Square Enix‘s Young Gangan magazine in April 2016. CrunchyrollEnglish translation of the manga is available. This article describes the story.

Hardcore robot otaku and genius programmer Ernesti Echevalier is reborn in a world full of magic and knights, where giant robots called Silhouette knights roar across the land. Ernesti Echevalier is now reborn and uses his programming skills and vast knowledge to create his ultimate robot. But his actions bring unexpected results …?! The world will change through the dreams of a robot anime!

In July 2017, an anime adaptation was released. CrunchyrollThe anime adaptation was streamed live as it aired on Japanese television.

Amazake-no began the ongoing story in October 2010 on the online novel platform Shōsetsuka ni Narō. ShufunotomoThe Hero Bunko imprint published the first novel featuring illustrations. KuroginIn January 2013. Hero Bunko published Volume 11 on November 29.

Source: Young GanganIssue 4

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