LibraryPass: Comics and Circulation Doubled in the First Half of 2022

LibraryPass Says Comics Plus Circulation Has Doubled in First Half of 2022

With the return this month of an in-person Comic-Con and amid reports of a record year for comics, LibraryPass this week reported that its Comics Plus service has posted significant growth in its customer base and circulation during the first half of 2022 —already doubling total checkouts compared to all of 2021.

“Our unlimited, simultaneous access model is obviously appealing to libraries, but that model doesn’t mean anything if the content isn’t appealing to readers,” said Guy LeCharles Gonzalez, LibraryPass’ Chief Content Officer, in a statement, noting that Comics Plus readers drove nearly half a million checkouts of digital comics, graphic novels, and manga through more than 2,000 schools and libraries in the first half of 2022, with schools now representing “a majority of Comics Plus customers.”

LibraryPass has released the top 10 most popular checkouts in January and June 2022. The release includes a range of categories. Schools make up the majority of customers. “Franchises appealing to younger readers are leading this trend.” Avatar of The Last Airbender, Big Nate, Bone, Minecraft?, and Sonic the HedgehogAlong with Svetlana Chrmakova, the popular creatorAwkward, Crush) and relative newcomer, Roye Okupe (Iyanu). And while traditional manga is popular with older readers,” the release notes, while “Immedium’s The Discovery of Anime & MangaIt was very popular among younger readers who wanted more information about manga.

Library Pass revived Comics Plus in 2020. This service provides unlimited access to digital comics, graphic novel, and manga through libraries and schools for a one-year fee.

“We are building a company that is mission driven,” CEO Ian Singer told PW for a recent profile. “That’s reflected in everything we do, from how we curate and present the content to the tools and resources we develop, the customer service, all the way through our pricing. We don’t charge maintenance fees and there’s no baked-in annual price increase. We want to be good partners with libraries and librarians because we believe in the mission.”

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