Local gallery presents “Young and Dangerous” exhibit to recall fond memories

Local gallery launches "Young and Dangerous" exhibition to recall memories

Amaz By Lokianno exhibit shop has inaugurated an exhibition to mark the 30th anniversary for the local manga “Young and Dangerous”.

Visitors will be able to view original manuscripts, posters, paintings, and other treasures at Amaz By Lokianno from now through 21 August 2022. The area covers 10,000 square feet. Six Degrees is the PR agency that coordinated the campaign. The campaign will showcase authentic figurines and the original script from the Hong Kong movie.

Talk to MARKETING-INTERACTIVEJackie Lok, Amaz director, stated that the exhibition is so inspired because he loves “Young and Dangerous” and has long longed to find an interesting theme. He views “Young and Dangerous,” as a common HongKonger memory. This campaign targets not only loyal manga fans but also HongKongers who’ve seen the series movie. People who are unfamiliar with the series’ story can still learn more through the campaign.

“Since the news of the exhibition was out, we have received many inquiries from regions such as TaiWan, Malaysia and mainland China, inviting us to hold the “Young and Dangerous” exhibition there. We would love to introduce the series to more people around the world if there is an opportunity.” Lok added.

For customers who have purchased a mystery box of “Young and Dangerous”, there will be an autograph session on 6 August 2022 hosted by Ngau Lou (Man KaiMing), and Leun Yugwok, the comic’s editor in chief.

The first edition of “Young and Dangerous”, as well as its comic book manuscript, will be displayed. Second creations by other artists will also be shown. Alfred Cheng (a line drawing artist) will be invited to recreate Chan Ho Nam’s face.陳浩南In addition to inviting Chino Lam from Hong Kong to design fonts for this exhibition, Foon Wong (chief designer at Big Boy Toys) will also design paintings and dolls for sale. The exhibition will also feature FlashPrint, an exclusive product of Young and Dangerous.

The campaign includes influencer marketing, such as inviting KOLs and encouraging them to promote the exhibition on their social media.

Furthermore, there will be a lucky draw for visitors who come to the exhibition and take selfie photos in front of the feature wall “福田千人大戰”, then publish on their Facebook or Instagram and tag “Amaz By Lokianno”. The poster will be available for a limited time, so hurry!

In 1992, the original Hong Kong manga, “Young and Dangerous”, was released. It is a Hong Kong film that depicts a group of young members of the triad, and their adventures, dangers, and growth in a Hong Kong Triad society. The series is inspired by the popular comic series “Teddy Boy”.

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